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Warwickshire County Council

With 28,000 employees, Warwickshire County Council needed a HR and payroll system that could be customised to fit the needs of the several organisations they cover.


WCC needed a change, with such a large employee base to consider and a variety of subsidiaries, they required a robust yet flexible solution. WCC also aimed to update and streamline processes and reduce HR tasks to get better value for money. Whilst desiring a trusted and widely used system to improve their HR and payroll issues.  



iTrent enabled WCC to gain greater functionality, customisation and flexibility, improving the streamlining of the business processes and efficiencies. With the customisation, the subsidiaries and schools were able to manage their own data rather than WCC having to input it themselves. 

iTrent meant a cheaper and dependable solution to WCC’s challenges. Neil Jones, the ICT lead states “Funding is always under pressure, and we had to look to deliver savings. One solution is to get a cheaper product doing the same thing, and one is to try and do things differently. With iTrent, we could do both”.

Benefits WCC saw:

  • Reduces admin tasks
  • Reduction in errors
  • Positive implementation experience
  • Employees manage their own data
  • Time saving
  • Flexibility and customisable