Local Government: What's your HR & payroll transformation strategy? | MHR

What’s your transformation strategy?

The COVID-19 crisis has increased financial pressures yet, the digital agenda continues.

This HR and payroll digital transformation guide is for local authorities looking to implement change. It goes beyond the functional roles of HR and payroll solutions, delivering a strategic vision that drives success and presents organisational efficiencies as well as cost savings.

Facing budget cuts and pressures to drive innovation, what does it take to achieve a successful HR and payroll digital transformation strategy and more specifically what do you need to consider as a result of COVID-19? We'll cover:

  • Long-term remote working
  • Retaining legislative compliance in a changing environment
  • Outsourcing payroll services and continuity planning
  • Protecting against entirely new cyber threats
  • Investing in technology to save time and money
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A human resource (HR) transformation strategy is the process of rethinking and reforming the HR function in an organisation. It is focused on implementing change that strategically improves recruitment, training, performance, review, compensation, and progression planning.

Digitalisation involves adopting technology that allows people to work in a way they never have before. For example, in HR, this means adding value through cloud technologies that give end-users the tools to work remotely, allowing them to process expenses, claims, leave requests and more – from any device, anytime, anywhere.

HR can and should be used to drive initiatives throughout your organisation. Digital transformation is more than just technology, it is about people and culture. HR can be used to support your digital transformation strategy from recruitment and development to values and team collaboration.