People Systems & Employee Engagement

Andy and Emma discuss the woes of paper holiday requests, old-style intranets, and how the right technology should aid employee communication and engagement across organisations. 

Emma guest-stars in the Quick-Fire Round once again!

Latest Podcasts
Us vs. the Machines II: Judgement Day

Andy and Emma invite MHR’s Research Director Hannah Jeacock to the podcast to discuss ChatGPT again, what it could mean for the future of work and Andy declares his love for payroll!


Andy and Emma discuss the concept of 'Business as Usual,' how the world of work is anything but usual in a post-pandemic world and Emma stars in Guess That Business Acronym!

Skills Gaps

Andy is joined by Producer Tom alongside Julia Roberts and Chris Mellors, Internal Trainers at MHR, to discuss the increasing skills gaps organisations are facing, common themes across departments and how the right training can aid employee retention.