The Work Revolution with Jonathan Males

Festival of Work Special: Jonathan Males

Recorded live from the first day of CIPD's Festival of Work 2024, this special podcast episode is the full release of Andy and Alice's interview with Dr Jonathan Males.

The team sit down with Jonathan as he offers a profound exploration of performance psychology, leadership, and humanising the workplace. Jonathan, an accomplished performance psychologist and former Olympic canoeist, bridges elite sports and corporate environments. His insights into performance psychology delve into mental resilience, focus, and motivation - key attributes for achieving high performance under pressure. He emphasises the significance of psychological strategies to enhance individual and team outcomes, drawing parallels between the mental challenges faced by athletes and professionals. 

On leadership, Dr Males advocates for a paradigm shift from traditional authoritative models to a more empathetic and inclusive approach. He argues that effective leaders cultivate trust, encourage open communication, and inspire through vision rather than command. His experience underscores the importance of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and the ability to adapt to dynamic environments. 

Finally, Jonathan highlights the necessity of being more human in the workplace. He suggests that fostering a culture where vulnerability and authenticity are valued leads to stronger relationships, increased engagement, and a more supportive atmosphere. By integrating these principles, organisations can enhance well-being, drive innovation, and create environments where individuals thrive, not just survive. His holistic perspective resonates across sectors, advocating a balanced approach to professional excellence and personal fulfilment. 

About Jonathan Males

As a sports psychologist, Jonathan has supported medal-winning athletes at the last six Olympic Games. Now as Managing Director of Mezzana Partners, Jonathan turns his focus to performance psychology in business. His latest book The Work Revolution is out now, and he joined us at the Festival of Work to discuss performance and leadership in the modern world.

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