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Cherwell District Council

Cherwell District Council (CDC) were looking to upgrade their paper-based HR and payroll systems, which would allow them to deliver a broad range of services without the unnecessary paperwork.


Cherwell District Council were using various systems to complete their HR and payroll tasks, they desired a system that dealt with all of CDC’s functionalities without having to manually input every HR or payroll task.

None of their HR and payroll systems were automated, which put a lot of strain on their internal departments. Therefore, CDC needed a system that integrated all personal and business admin in one system.



iTrent delivered efficiency and saved time within Cherwell District Council’s HR and payroll teams.

The initial implementation of iTrent was a smooth and seamless process, Teresa Reed HR and learning development lead confirmed “MHR’s consultants gained a good understanding of our organisational structure that helped lead to the smooth remote implementation. This has enabled them to deliver targeted solutions that meet our own development requirements”.  

Benefits Cherwell saw:

  • Flexibility 
  • Efficiency
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Easily accessible training
  • Reduces admin tasks
  • Time saving