ABC of Learning

...easy as 123! This week, Andy and Emma are joined by Ian MacKinnon, Product Owner of Learning here at MHR to discuss the changing landscape of learning and what businesses can do to improve their LMS strategies.


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Humour has it...

...that laughter is the best medicine! This week, Andy and Emma discuss the positive and negative effects of humour in the workplace, and how it can be leveraged for the benefit of business.


From Distress to De-Stress

A little stress conversation a little more action please! This week, for National Stress Awareness Month, Andy and Emma talk about common stresses in the workplace and how people and businesses can tackle it.


Don't 'Crack' Under the Pressure

Things reach boiling point this week as Andy and Emma discuss office-based peer pressures and how teams can reduce it to a simmer. There’s a couple of yolks in there, too!