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Rochdale Borough Council

Rochdale Borough Council (RBC) had over 7000 employees and five databases with a combined total of 9000 records. They needed a software solution to integrate and streamline their databases in a single platform.


RBC struggled to manage all five of their databases and desired to merge and streamline them to gain efficiencies, avoid repetitive tasks and free-up employees to work on other projects.

They needed a cloud-hosted solution to move away from reliance on their in-house IT resource, to help them save time and be more efficient.


MHR and Rochdale Borough Council undertook a scoping exercise, they decided to go with the most comprehensive solution, iTrent, which included full MHR support.

iTrent enabled all of RBC’s databases to be moved onto the cloud, bring the four remaining databased into one, and migrated additional data. The single sign-on functionality saved time for employees, Strategic lead, Andy Ridyard stated, ‘We took the all-inclusive, fully supported option and it was absolutely value for money’.

Benefits Rochdale Borough Council saw:

  • Value for money.
  • Repetitive database tasks removed.
  • Easily accessible.
  • Positive implementation process.
  • Saved time for IT.
  • Single sign-on for employees.