Reflecting on the scheme

In September 2021, Alice and I started on MHR’s 2-year rotational Graduate Management Programme. Fast forward to May 2023, we are now close approaching the end of the scheme with only one revisit placement left. As we cannot quite believe how fast time is flying, we thought it would be a great opportunity to stop and reflect on our experiences and professional development thus far.

Reflecting on the scheme

Keava - For me, the rotational aspect of MHR’s Graduate Scheme particularly sparked my interest. After studying a dual honours degree (both Economics and Business Management) at The University of Sheffield, I was uncertain of which business area to specialise in. Therefore, gaining the exposure of ten different areas, from Sales, Product, Marketing & Engineering, to Professional Services and Managed Services was an incredible opportunity to identify where my interests and strengths lie.  

Alice - Alongside our rotational placements, where I gained experience in a broad range of business areas, I have enjoyed taking a lead on the business' sustainability strategy and being involved in numerous customer events during a few of my placements. This additional role enabled me to develop my strategic thinking and confidence with presenting to numerous key stakeholders internal and external to the business.  

A few highlights from the scheme include:

  • Developed MHR's Sustainability Strategy and created a customer targeted guidebook to enhance the business reach to customers and prospects.
  • Delivered a board level presentation & recommendation on reporting ESG data.
  • Gained an internal Audit qualification to ensure compliance against ISO27001 & ISO09001.
  • Volunteering opportunities with local Nottinghamshire charities: Rainbows Children's Hospice & CRY.
  • We have both had the opportunity to attend customer visits/ events and building a strong relationship with our customers from the get-go.

Where are we now?

Recently, we started our final rotation working across the Analytics function of our Professional Services department. We will be providing project support and utilising our networks across the business to work towards designing the future of one of MHR’s Analytical solutions. This placement will test our project management and customer success skills and experiences, to hopefully drive exciting future changes for the company, along with improving our customer’s experience. The knowledge we have developed over the scheme will be invaluable to this project, and it is lovely to know we are finishing the Graduate Programme working together.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the scheme, from building relationships across the business, developing cross-departmental skills and having gained a holistic view of MHR and how everything is interconnected. The rotational aspect and the support from colleagues across MHR have helped us develop into well-rounded, confident individuals. 

The next four months will be extremely busy, but also exciting for the two of us as we try to navigate the beginning of our careers in whatever area we choose to specialise in. It is an exciting chapter to embark on and we look forward to the future. Stay tuned to find out where we choose come September 2023.