27 April 2021

iTrent Tips: Payroll

iTrent payroll laptop and mobile

Did you know iTrent’s new features make it easier to process your payroll?

iTrent is forever developing and is designed to support you regardless of the size and complexity of your payroll processes. Our automation features allow you to save time on various processes such as pension scheme enrolment, holiday allowance, expense claims and P60 handouts. Recognised by HMRC and BACS supported, iTrent makes submissions simple and ensures a secure, direct data exchange, giving you the confidence you need that your payroll is running smoothly and securely.

With such a comprehensive solution, customers don’t always use iTrent’s payroll functionality to its full potential. As part of our iTrent tips series, we’re informing customers of the best ways to get the most out of iTrent.

Read our top tips to improve your payroll processes.


Top tips to get more out of your iTrent payroll.

Did you know that with Interactive Payslips your people can see a full breakdown of how their tax and National Insurance (NI) has been calculated, reducing the number of questions your payroll teams will receive?

Payroll teams can spend a lot of their time answering questions from employees about their deductions and where they are coming from. By providing a transparent, interactive payslip that allows employees to see the full breakdown of their tax and NI contributions, it helps reduce the number of questions payroll teams are burdened with, allowing them to focus on their critical tasks.

Transparency between employers and employees can boost confidence, build trust and make employees feel more empowered with a greater understanding of how their pay is deducted.


Did you know you can now run and automatically submit Employer Payment Summarys (EPS) for an unlimited number of PAYE references?

EPS can be a time-consuming task for large organisations. iTrent now allows you to run and submit EPS for an unlimited number of PAYE references in a single action, lessening the EPS burden on your payroll team at the end of every pay period. This provides significant time savings, decreases your admin burden, and enables your payroll team to focus their time on other aspects of your business.


Did you know that when completing a Time and Expenses form within the main application, you no longer require a separate submission step and can now submit from the claim form?

The average expenses form can take 20 minutes to complete and for organisations operating on multiple sites with employees travelling between them, this can be an extremely time-consuming and expensive process.

With iTrent, where timesheets are input by a central team or manager via the main application, previously you would have to submit the claim form and a separate submission, making it an even longer process. Now, iTrent has been updated so you can process your time and expenses straight from the claim form, eliminating the separate submission and making it easier, simpler, and quicker to complete.

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