Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

At MHR we are completely committed to the impact we have on the environment and our communities.

Our Commitment

At MHR, we recognise the responsibility we have as a business to support the economic, social, and environmental efforts that are required to make a positive contribution both to our local community and on the global stage now and in the years to come. Our CSR initiative targets focus on the environment, our community, and our people.

Cycling Eco-friendly environment


The environment we live and work in is incredibly important, which is why we are committed to being eco-friendly, energy efficient and environmentally conscious at all opportunities. We continue to significantly increase our environmental efforts to protect the world we live in.

Solar panels at MHR

Carbon neutral

Throughout 2019, our buildings and maintenance teams worked hard to improve our environmental footprint. In November, we switched to 100% renewable energy, meaning our electricity supply is carbon neutral.

Ruddington Hall and garden

Buildings and grounds

Our building teams spend a lot of time and resource ensuring that our head office, Ruddington Hall, is maintained as a piece of English heritage by carrying out considerable restoration work to restore it to its finest state.

We ensure that we use the latest environmentally friendly solutions in our buildings. For example, we have triple glazing to ensure heat can be kept in the large office spaces, LED lighting with occupancy sensors to save energy, and Eco Flush toilets to save water.  

The gardening teams also work hard to provide a high level of care to our grounds, making constant improvements, from planting new trees and bushes to resurrecting the original garden paths.

MHR branded reusable coffee cup and water bottle

Reduce and reuse

In 2019, we replaced plastic coffee cups, cutlery and takeaway containers in our canteens with Vegware alternatives. Vegware is made from plants and uses renewable, low carbon, recycled, or reclaimed materials. It’s designed to be compostable with food waste. The introduction of Vegware has led to a decrease in takeaway cup usage as more people are opting to use mugs or reusable cups when possible.

In 2019, we introduced reusable water bottles for every employee. Combined with the introduction of new ‘bottle sized’ water dispenser in our offices, since then our plastic use has reduced drastically. In 2020, we also distributed eco-friendly coffee cups to all our employees to further reduce waste and the unnecessary use of plastic.



All of the bins in our MHR Nottingham sites are taken to a recycling and recovery site and any materials suitable for recycling are separated off.

Any remaining waste is taken to an active recycling facility and sent to energy from waste incinerators to provide electricity for district heating schemes.

Our cardboard waste is separated and recycled back into packaging.

Our community

Although we are now a global company, we still strive to have a positive influence on the communities we work in. MHR is dedicated to being conscious of the communities we work among and try to support the local economy by using local tradespeople and suppliers for example.  


MHR cyclists during Tour de Payroll

Tour de Payroll

Eight cyclists from MHR completed a 280-mile bike ride from Ruddington to Mount Snowdon followed by a 3,500ft ascent to the summit of England and Wales’ highest mountain in aid of Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People.

gifts around Christmas tree at Ruddington Hall

Gem's Mission Christmas

We donated 210 gifts for disadvantaged children across the East Midlands to ensure that they had gifts to open on Christmas morning.

MHR employees stood in the hospital garden

Children's Hospital

In 3 months, 60 volunteers from MHR renovated the garden at the Nottingham Children’s Development Centre.

Our people and offices

Our people are at the heart of everything we do, so it’s important to MHR that we support and appreciate their hard work and have offices which are great to work in. We continue to make improvements, such as collaborative workspaces, designed to benefit productivity and communication. 

Britannia House canteen


Our food providers for our Nottingham offices, Olive Catering, use quality fresh, locally sourced, and environmentally sustainable ingredients for all their meals. This includes Fairtrade ethically sourced coffee and fresh produce that is sourced in the UK from British Farmers. Olive Catering are dedicated to ensuring that they can provide foods suitable for a variety of dietary requirements every day.

MHR subsidise all the food available in the onsite restaurants to ensure that employees get affordable meals every day, with a focus on healthy living.

Five of MHR's Mental Health First Aiders

Mental health support

We recognise the importance of supporting the wellbeing of our people. We offer an Employee Assistance Program with resources and contact information for support on a variety of issues.

We also have a number of qualified Mental Health First Aiders within the company who are available daily to provide support to anyone who needs it.

Additionally, we understand the benefits green space can have on wellbeing, so our gardening teams work hard to maintain and improve our gardens and paths.

Looking to the future

Our new car park being constructed at our Britannia House site in Ruddington, Nottingham, will have charging points for electric cars to encourage a reduction in our carbon footprint. It is designed to look like another office building so that it is in keeping with the surroundings and there will be solar panels on the car park, supporting our reduction in energy consumption on site.

Remote working is a valuable asset that we continue to utilise to reduce unnecessary paper usage and travel between our offices.