Talent Management

Talent management

Everything you need to attract, retain and develop your people

Engage your talent

Talent management tools support your organisation to unlock the full potential of your people. They help you to understand your employees, align your business ambition to their talents and supporting them every step of the way.

Successfully managing talent is a critical task for HR teams. People are at the core of an organisation, and it's vital that they are supported from the moment they start until they leave in order to provide the skills and value you hired them for.

Our talent management solutions provide your organisation with the tools and insight you need to make key decisions and empower your people to be their best.

We can help you with:

  • Providing real-time performance management to guide your people and improve employee engagement

  • Reducing admin to gain smarter insights from your people data

  • Sharing knowledge so that every single employee knows exactly what they’re working towards

Job positions

Nurture the talent within

Our talent management tools can support your organisation with onboarding, performance appraisals, learning and development, training and succession planning so that your employees can flourish to meet your organisation’s goals and growth objectives.

Attracting the right talent

Improve recruitment with streamlined processes for candidates to easily complete and stay up to date with their progress

Succession planning

Equip management teams with the means to identify top talent for management roles and help them to develop the skills they need to be successful

Enhance your employee experience

Better motivate and engage your employees with more support for their career progression and ambitions

Increase your productivity

Engage employees to increase productivity, creativity and efficiency to improve overall business performance

Reduce the risk of skills gaps

Get a clear overview of employees to see where there are skills shortages, identify flight risks, and ensure training is supplied to upskill employees to fill those gaps

Improve your talent retention

Improve your onboarding process to easily integrate new starters into the organisation, with an employee experience that improves retention and lowers the costs of turnover

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iTrent Talent Management

Talent Management is available as part of our comprehensive, market-leading iTrent platform. With self-service, it provides your people with control and transparency over their information and personal development.

Access a wide range of options to support your strategy, as well as analytics tool to drive business decisions.

Organisation Chart People First

People First Talent Management

Talent Management is available as part of People First, a HR platform focused on employee engagement and social collaboration.

With check-ins, talent profiles, match and gap analysis and total rewards, People First’s tools are all about giving employees the power to understand their own value and give their best performance through a more communicative, hands on approach.

Improve HR decisions

A single solution for your HR team

Talent Management solutions vary, so it is important to identify your organisation’s goals and growth ambitions to find the best tools to help you reach them and ensure you have a system that can support your HR strategy now and in the future.

All our talent management solutions are integrated into a single HR system, allowing you to view all your people-related activity in one place. It's easy to keep up to date with how your people are progressing, alongside your policies and strategic objectives for organisational growth.