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Save time

With its advanced automation features, People First enables you to simplify time-consuming HR and payroll administrative processes. By letting you manage all your employee data and core processes in one place – cutting reliance on time-consuming and error-prone manual tasks – you can reduce your HR administration burden and your compliance risks. And by improving efficiency, People First frees up your HR team to drive improved productivity. It streamlines everything: HR, recruitment, talent and performance management, learning and development, HR analytics, workforce management, employee engagement and internal communications. All your business’ people-related tasks taken care of on one platform that easily integrates with your existing business systems.

Save time with People First
Build Resilience

By giving you the tools to attract, develop, nurture and empower your employees, People First helps you build and maintain business resilience. The more motivated your workforce, and the more their wellbeing is supported, the stronger their performance and adaptability to changing times. The platform’s modular architecture includes the People First Recruitment module for identifying and attracting the right talent; the Goals and Development module for managing employee performance, development and wellbeing; and the Learning module for developing your internal skills base, increasing the value of your people, improving talent retention and reducing skills gaps.

Build resilience with People First
Align everyone

Cloud-based and mobile-first, People First enables you to easily and securely connect, engage and align a dispersed workforce. You gain the workplace flexibility and strengthened business resilience that results from your sites and your remote employees being able to work together, wherever and whenever. The mobile-first design puts an entire HR system in your employees’ pockets, while engagement functions enable everyone to communicate and collaborate better, driving greater workforce alignment and strengthening the sense of a unified company culture. People First is the user-centric experience platform where easier meets better to bring everyone together.

Align everyone with People First
Drive strategy

All People First’s modules are underpinned by a single database, giving your HR teams and managers better visibility of employee data across the organisation. The platform’s analytics and reporting capabilities enable you to mine this rich data, revealing the insights that can highlight new opportunities and inform better strategic business decisions. Proactive alerts and easy-to-use dashboards deliver valuable intelligence on key workforce trends across your organisation, allowing you to quickly identify and address any potential issues or risks, such as skills gaps, absenteeism and regulatory compliance.

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Grow Efficiency

By consolidating your entire HR infrastructure on a single, truly integrated platform, you eliminate the inefficiencies, costs, risks and lack of transparency that result from operating multiple HR systems – especially when they’re inflexible and overly complex. People First frees your business from the limitations of data siloes and the manual workflows needed to connect different processes. The platform’s open APIs, webhooks and data stream ensure that you can integrate whatever business systems you want with your HR and.

Grow efficiency with People First

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Yes. People First is available on any device - mobile or desktop. Employees can manage their HR admin tasks wherever they are located, reducing the pressure on line managers and HR teams. They can also keep up to date with company news and their colleagues through the communities element, which helps them feel connected to the wider organisation.

With the People First social feed, employees have access to a collaborative social space, where they can identify and connect with like-minded individuals across the organisation. This helps develop a sense of community and breaks down organisational silos. Users can add their own content to news feeds, groups, their colleagues’ profile pages or their own, and get instant feedback via likes and comments.

People First is an intuitive, cloud-based platform which enables your employees access to the tools and information they need quickly and easily, wherever they are based. It provides a comprehensive platform for employee communication, driving greater business alignment and a sense of unified culture.

Yes, you can post jobs internally, externally and via social media for maximum exposure. Necessary skills, qualifications and certificates are stored against each job opening. Candidates receive real-time updates throughout the hiring process via the candidate portal, and you can attach documents, CV’s, interview notes and videos to candidate profiles.

Build a full catalogue of training courses, and allow your employees to take learning and development into their own hands through self-service booking. Course details are completely customisable. You can define manager approval, set expiration dates and provide links to e-learning in course details. Courses can be added from both external and internal training providers, supporting both on and off-site learning. You can also connect courses to positions to provide a record of learning items that an employee must complete as part of their job, You can also link course completion to skills, helping you to build a robust competency framework. 

Progressive companies are now replacing annual appraisals, one-to-one's and performance reviews with real-time check-ins, encouraging a culture of open communication and feedback. The Check-in feature of People First enables a two-way conversation with employees, providing real-time, regular feedback.

People First helps to build greater employee engagement by allowing employees to personalise their experience while communicating and collaborating effectively with their colleagues. Innovative features help to build a greater sense of community across your entire workforce.

Fully-compliant Irish payroll capability is coming soon to People First. In the meantime, we offer a managed payroll service from IPASS qualified payroll experts. 

People First simplifies the whole process by giving employees access to their own information. Employees can clock their start and end times, including their overtime via the Digital Assistant and desktop application, which can be reviewed and amended at a later date by the employee. You can also remove the hassle of calculating time off, particularly where you have different allowances or employees with changing working hours, with People First. The system automates the entire process, so you don’t have to worry.

We have open API's, a full library that can integrate all People First data to anything that you want to use it for.