21 September 2021

What’s top of your organisation’s HR and payroll wish-list?

MHR | What's top of your organisation's HR and payroll wish-list?

Partnering with a specialist HR and payroll software provider can deliver you into new realms of efficiencies. Here’s why…

Public sector organisations are facing unprecedented pressures on people, budgets and resources, with expectations on service delivery as high as ever.

This is one of the main reasons organisations across Ireland are looking for improved productivity and efficiencies, while having their eyes firmly on introducing better, more sustainable ways of working.

By adopting specialist HR and payroll software, public sector organisations across Ireland can save money, improve processes and maximise the value of their biggest and best asset: their people.

So what’s top of your HR and payroll wish list?

While every organisation is looking to reduce costs and improve productivity, how you do this depends on your particular focus. Here we take a closer look at what’s on most organisations’ wish-lists…

Wish-list #ONE: Increased productivity?

Who isn’t looking to free up more of their time for more productive activities? Specialist HR and payroll software means no more repetitive data entry – often replicated across different departments. Instead, you can utilise smooth, seamless, automated workflows that maximise your time and minimise paperwork while freeing up teams to focus on activities that add value.

Wish-list #TWO: Standardised processes?

Rather than putting up with the clunky processes that stifle productivity, imagine if you could automate time-consuming activities like expenses, pension scheme enrolment and recruitment. With specialist HR and payroll software – created specifically for the needs of HR and payroll departments, you can. And with good practice processes built specifically around public sector requirements, it means you can deal effortlessly with constant pressures and government changes.

Wish-list #THREE: Cost savings?

In the public sector, ensuring maximum value for the taxpayer is paramount. Replacing outdated technology and inflated software licence prices with a fully configurable system designed for the specific needs of your sector will help you manage costs, remove unnecessary overheads and improve total cost of ownership. As shown, Clackmannanshire Council were able to enable time savings across multiple departments, reduce costs and empower employees with mobile access.

Wish-list FOUR: Enhanced functionality?

Instead of restrictive out-of-the-box HR and payroll functionality, specialist HR and payroll software delivers operational efficiencies and cost savings to your organisation – as illustrated by the experiences of Elmbridge Borough Council and Cherwell District Council.

Wish-list FIVE: Full governance?

Are people in your organisation spending excessive time collecting data to meet statutory regulations, Freedom of Information Requests etc? You can address this with a specialist HR and payroll solution that automates these processes with software configured to produce the data needed. What’s more, it’s always up to date with the latest HR and legislative changes.

Wish-list SIX: Data security?

With cyber-attacks on the increase in the public sector, keeping data safe is essential. Specialist HR and payroll cloud-based software benefits from built-in security, state-of-the-art data centres and processes accredited to the highest industry standards including ISO 9001 and 27001, providing a secure and compliant solution. Watch our webinar, ‘Improving Your Cyber Security’ for tips on keeping your organisation safe.

Wish-list #SEVEN: Digital transformation?

Specialist HR and payroll systems pose no barriers to your digital transformation journey. They offer expert consultancy and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing software architecture, without high development costs or excessive licence fees. Organisations that embrace specialist technology generally survive and often thrive through difficult times, building a robust foundation, ensuring organisational resilience.

Wish-list #EIGHT: Data insights?

Too often, public sector organisations find themselves lumbered with inefficient reporting processes that produce limited detail. Data can be difficult to collect and seldom provides the granular detail needed to gain specific insights on the cost, performance and efficiency of your people and pay. Specialist HR and payroll software is designed to bring people data together from multiple systems and, ultimately, support more intelligent budgeting and forecasting.

Wish-list #NINE: Improved efficiency?

Despite the challenges and complexities public sector workforces face, specialist HR and payroll software saves you time and improves efficiencies by enabling your teams to manage their own data through anytime, anywhere self-service for holidays, absence and even booking training. The possibilities are endless with Chatbots from MHR.  

The result? Optimising the value of the public purse, maintaining the quality of service delivery to local communities and smarter working for teams across your organisation.

Read our case studies to find out how organisations like yours have benefitted from specialist HR and payroll software.

Oliver Kent - Head of Strategic Accounts for the Public Sector at MHR

Oliver Kent

Oliver is Head of Strategic Accounts for the Public Sector at MHR, with over 20 years of experience, Oliver has specialised in transformation, HR technology, analytics and change management. He is a member of the CIPD and is a champion for change within the industry. 

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