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People analytics for intelligent HR

People-focused analytics

Business intelligence starts with knowing your people. People First Analytics consolidates cross-platform people data into a single database - giving you the real-time story behind every employee: 

  • Track headcount, growth, retention, and absences
  • Export key data and create reports for different teams
  • Turn people data into business insights

Benefits of people analytics

People First organisation overview dashboard
Data in harmony
Consolidating people data in a single place helps tell the complete story of every employee, team or department
People First insights dashboard, showing an overview of people and their absences.
Scale of success
Measure the efficacy of your HR initiatives through insights into your people and key workforce trends
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Shared business intelligence
Build custom reports or utilize templates to keep executive leadership in the loop regarding key opportunities and risks
People First insights dashboard with an overview of absence, learning and recrutiment
Insights for action
People First analytics enable proactive interventions by keeping you informed with actionable insights.

Powerful HR analytics tools

Unlock insights
People First people and culture dashboard, showing an overview of employee turnover.

Unlock insights

With People First Analytics, you gain a single database across all your HR systems. This enables business-wide visibility, helping you access the insights you need to inform decisions with easily generated reports. This single POV also removes the complexity of navigating multiple apps and processes. 

Impactful analysis
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Impactful analysis

With People First Analytics, you gain a single database across all your HR systems. This enables business-wide visibility, helping you access the insights you need to inform decisions with easily generated reports. This single POV also removes the complexity of navigating multiple apps and processes. 

Proritize wellbeing
A mobile displaying People First's employee progress and check-in functionality.

Prioritize wellbeing

In the world of hybrid work, employee wellbeing is a critical HR priority. That means you need to be able to proactively spot trends and identify risks. People First’s fully-integrated system makes your data visible and accessible, so your HR teams have the inside track regarding your people.

Discover how our people analytics software can transform your organization

What People First Analytics can do for you

In HR, information is leverage. People First Analytics features innovative functionality and capabilities that enable you to deliver insightful recommendations that can have a measurable impact across your organization.

Standardize reporting

People First Analytics removes the necessity for in-house reporting specialists by leveraging 24 standardized reports – covering key metrics associated with salaries, vacations, leavers, illness, and much more. 

Built-in searches

Find the people info you need when you need it. Pre-shipped searches in People First Analytics include 9-box grid, risk of leaving, morale and key skills assessments. 

Visualize your data

Bring your critical reports to life by leveraging the data visualization capabilities within People First Analytics. Not only does it paint a more engaging picture, it also helps expediate decision-making. 

Anticipate business opportunities

With People First’s predictive analytics, you can identify imminent opportunities or risks in real-time and act with confidence and decisiveness at the point-of-decision. 

Frequently Asked Questions

HR (or people) analytics is the application of data analysis to HR data to gain insights into the workforce and improve business outcomes. It encompasses a wide range of data sources, including: 

  • Employee demographics 
  • Performance data 
  • Compensation and benefits data 
  • Training and development data 
  • Engagement and satisfaction surveys 
  • Exit interview data 

People analytics can be used to answer a variety of questions, such as: 

  • What are the key drivers of employee engagement? 
  • What are the factors that contribute to employee turnover? 
  • How can we improve the effectiveness of our training and development programs? 
  • What are the skills and experience gaps in our workforce? 
  • How can we make better decisions about talent acquisition and retention? 

People analytics reporting is the process of using data visualization and storytelling to communicate insights from people analytics to stakeholders. It can be used to: 

  • Track progress against goals 
  • Identify trends and patterns 
  • Make informed decisions about HR policies and programs 
  • Communicate the value of people analytics to the organization 

People analytics is a subset of BI reporting that focuses on HR data. BI is a broader term that encompasses data analysis from all areas of the business, including finance, sales, marketing, and operations; people analytics enables the same level of insights in to your workforce, which is the driving force behind all of these areas. 

Predictive people analytics uses data to model future workforce trends, such as employee turnover and talent demand. 

Prescriptive people analytics goes even further by considering the data collected to produce specific learnings, which inform your decision making without requiring manual reporting. 

Whatever analytics you use, its key that you have the right data architecture and automation in place to ensure secure and efficient processes – which is exactly what People First Analytics is built for. 

With growing volumes of HR data being collected, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manually collect and analyze this data. A people analytics platform, like People First Analytics, can help you to: 

  • Store and manage your HR data. 
  • Cleanse and prepare your data for analysis. 
  • Analyze your data and identify insights. 
  • Visualize your data and communicate insights to stakeholders. 

People analytics platforms can transform your workplace with better access to insights and intuitive reporting, which help you to make informed decisions to improve employee engagement, boost productivity, reduce employee turnover, and make your HR programs more effective. 

There are a number of benefits to using a people analytics platform, including: 

  • Improved decision-making: People analytics can help you to make better decisions about HR policies and programs. 
  • Increased efficiency: People analytics can help you to automate tasks and streamline processes. 
  • Reduced costs: People analytics can help you to reduce costs by identifying areas for improvement. 
  • Increased employee engagement: People analytics can help you to improve employee engagement by identifying and addressing factors that contribute to disengagement. 

The time it takes to implement a people analytics platform depends on a number of factors, including the size and complexity of your organization, the quality of your HR data, and the specific requirements of your platform. 

Our team of analytics platform experts work with you to ensure that People First fits seamlessly alongside your other business applications, and its out-of-the-box integrations help to accelerate its deployment, so you can start getting value from your data as soon as possible.  

The future of people analytics is bright. As HR data continues to grow in volume and complexity, the need for people analytics platforms will continue to increase. Organizations that are able to effectively leverage people analytics will be at a competitive advantage in the years to come. 

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