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End-to-end digital learning solutions

The learning management system of the future

Embed employee development into your business culture and deliver relevant, engaging training at scale – with learning software that lets you: 

  • Deploy effective learning and development programs  
  • Reduce the admin burdens on busy HR teams  
  • Provide tailored development materials to boost staff retention 
  • Create new learning materials with our simple eLearning tools  

Make personalized learning a reality

People First platform showing the recruitment page.
Upskill your workforce
Identify knowledge gaps in your organization, so that you can proactively target them when hiring.
People First Learning Management System showing training materials that are ready for employees to complete.
Tailored, timely training
Whether developing soft skills or understanding regulatory compliance, provide training that enables your team to excel.
Learning from MHR showing an employees learning progress, including all activity over the last 12 months, total time spent on learning, active courses, and more.
Understand the employee impact
Receive dynamic insights on the impact of your learning programs, understanding ROI and how to make improvements.
MHR Learning welcome screen showing the learning courses employee can complete.
Personalized learning pathways
Meet your peoples’ needs with a learning platform that adapts to deliver in-person, remote, and hybrid content.
People First platform showing eLearning content and the creation hub.
Create eLearning with ease
Generate new course materials utilizing our intuitive content creation tools and library of premade learning documents.

A smarter approach to learning and development

Simplify eLearning complexity
People First platform showing individual employees learning data and insights.

Simplify eLearning complexity

 Meet all your workforce’s development needs from a single cloud-based platform. Powered by industry leaders Docebo and Go1, MHR’s learning management system gives your HR team the right tools to organize, deliver, and monitor effective learning in one place. 

Meet employee needs at scale
Achievement of completion of eLearning course on the People First platform.

Meet employee needs at scale

Managing staff learning and development needs at scale requires personalized learning plans, delivered via digital easy-to-use platforms. People First Learning enables scalable content creation and personalization with an easy-to-use Authoring and eLearning tool – powered by our partner, EasyGenerator. 

Accelerate workforce development
People First learning platform showing multiple courses in an employee's learning development plan.

Accelerate workforce development

Easy-to-use frameworks and learning pathways are essential for overcoming workforce development challenges and ensuring employees get the support they need. The People First Learning platform makes learning simple, providing insights into progression, and facilitating personalized development pathways. 

Unleash your workforce's full potential

Training software for the modern business

Personalized learning experiences

Tailor personalized learning pathways to meet individual employee needs across an in-person, remote, or dispersed workforce. Our digital learning management system features ready-made training content, it’s easy to access and even simpler for your teams to use.

Take the work out of learning and development

Manage all your learning resources from a single, integrated learning management hub. Eliminate time-consuming admin, free up HR team resources, and keep your focus where it really matters – your people!  

Powerful talent management insights

Empower your team with real-time insights and see the results your program is delivering. MHR Learning integrates seamlessly with People First to create a single source of truth for learning and development data. 

Content that engages your workforce

Put an end to yawn-worthy training modules that send your people to sleep. Our eLearning platform provides templates and tools to help you create a diverse range of engaging content that drives business outcomes.  

Deliver business-critical training

Create a development strategy tailored to your team's needs. We offer a wide range of learning subscriptions and one-off courses, including compliance-critical learning, such as health and safety training.  

Give employee the tools to succeed

We empower employees to take charge of their own learning journeys – with thousands of pre-made eLearning courses to choose from, as well as training tools to create custom materials. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A learning management system (LMS) is talent management software that empowers you to plan, implement, and assess the impact of e-learning and other training and development programs.  

LMS software lets managers and learning development teams create and deliver training, monitor company-wide participation, and assess individual performance. 

Learning management systems are used to align and manage training resources for employee development at scale.  

L&D leaders must ensure their LMS platforms provide personalized learning pathways for staff across the organization. This ensures critical skills are developed and that employees are kept in the loop regarding any product changes. 

From a compliance perspective, MHR’s learning course management system keeps your business watertight. It also lets you store valuable training resources covering anything from GDPR compliance to cybersecurity and ensures your staff can access the materials they need – in the office, at home, or on the go. 

While having any LMS is better than none, a good LMS should possess several key qualities to effectively facilitate online learning and training. These include: 

Integrated, scalable features 

With People First Learning, you can create, manage, and store all your training materials in one place. What’s more, you can track which employees have completed their training and when with our live dashboard. 

Our LMS e-learning platform provides personalized training recommendations using AI to help employees continue on their learning paths efficiently. 

One way to test the features of your new LMS is to book a live demo. If you haven't already done so, book one using our simple online form. 

Real-time insights 

The best digital learning management systems do away with tedious, time-consuming reporting and provide your teams with access to real-time data. People First Learning provides the people analytics, dashboards, and reports you need to make data-driven decisions about your L&D strategy.  

Intuitive customer experience 

Our LMS software saves you time and money. It's just that simple. With our hassle-free, easy-to-use learning management systems, you can say goodbye to administrative burdens and resource rage! 


The right LMS e-learning software will save your enterprise money in the long run through filling skills gaps and helping staff to be the most productive versions of themselves. It will also reduce the costs associated with L&D admin time and eliminate the need for other investments, such as in-house trainers. 

People First Learning is the cost-effective online learning management system you need to unleash the power of your workforce. 

Ongoing support 

LMS software on its own is not enough. Good learning management system providers in the UK will also offer ongoing support.  

With People First Learning, you’ll also get access to MHR Assist. We’ll provide all the support and guidance you need when you need it – in as little as 15 minutes. 

LMS software allows you to engage your learners effectively. For example, People First Learning lets you incorporate quizzes, scenarios, and even games to enable interactive LMS e-learning experiences.  

Our LMS platform is an L&D leader’s best friend. It’s intuitive, real-time data and insights will help you keep track of enterprise-wide training and development progress at the touch of a button. Meanwhile, its intuitive UX design will engage your learners so they keep coming back for more. 

This is all possible thanks to our partnership with AI experts Docebo. 

Through streamlining L&D processes, providing a consistent, enterprise-wide learning framework, and arming your teams with powerful insights, People First Learning delivers a range of powerful business benefits: 

  • Save time – it’s estimated that LMS e-learning is up to 45% more efficient than classroom learning 
  • Save money – in-person learning can result in excessive costs resulting from vehicle mileage, train tickets, and even the employee's salary when taking time out of work to attend a training course. With our learning management system, learners simply open their laptops, complete the training, and get back to work 
  • Improve the employee experience – empower staff to fit L&D around their schedules. An LMS platform means your employees can manage their workload and incorporate their training into quieter periods 
  • Ensure consistency and flexibility – with People First Learning, you can ensure learners across the enterprise all get the same training, regardless of their department, location, or seniority  
  • Make informed decisions – we provide L&D departments with everything they need to make accurate, quick decisions. Create learning goals and boost progression with real-time insights into how staff across your enterprise are engaging with your L&D program From  

Less than you might think! We’ll tailor the pricing of our learning management system to suit the level of support you need and your training requirements. After your initial investment, our LMS can save you money by freeing up administrative resources and empowering you to upskill your workforce. 

To discover more about what our award-winning LMS will cost, get in touch. Our team of HR experts will talk you through how People First Learning will rid your business of tedious admin so you can build the workforce of the future. 

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