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Finding your best people, connecting your teams and safeguarding security

Solving tech sector workforce challenges

With highly mobile, dispersed workforces, it’s a challenge for technology companies to keep everyone engaged and motivated, support their wellbeing and connect them to the company culture. Especially given the industry’s consistently high rate of employee turnover. 

Tech businesses need an HR and payroll system that connects, supports and engages mobile workforces. One that gives managers a clear picture of how their teams are performing and automates manual processes like payroll – enabling HR to focus more on creating meaningful change. 

How People First helps 

  • Your employees feel engaged, empowered and valued, making your organisation a place where talented people want to work 
  • As a single integrated platform that connects everyone, People First enables you to maintain your company culture
  • Improve the user experience and optimises productivity by equipping your mobile employees with easy access to the right tools

Why the tech sector needs People First now

For technology companies adapting to today’s increasingly fluid working environment, People First is the most intuitive, modular, fully integrated, mobile-first HR and payroll platform available.

Recruit and retain talent

The People First Recruitment module enables you to identify and attract talent. The Talent Management module supports performance and development management. While People First Learning increases the value of your people and improves talent retention.

Support your teams

People First supports your mobile workforce. Employees can arrange check-ins with managers, while managers can track their teams to ensure nobody’s overlooked. Our geolocation technology can be used to strengthen employee safety when they are working alone or remotely.

Connect and align your mobile workforce

Communication features such as news feeds, daily briefings and weekly newsletters deliver consistent messages to all your employees, ensuring that everyone feels involved. Community collaboration groups enable people with similar interests to communicate, share and feel more connected.

Empower and nurture valuable talent

People First makes it easy for employees to take more control of their career, wherever they are. The platform enables everyone to manage their own learning and development, helping them to feel empowered and nurtured.

Strengthen compliance and security

People First means you only need to maintain a single data source, compared to numerous sets from interconnected platforms. Giving you the reassurance of being a Microsoft Gold Partner and ISO 9001 and 27001 accredited, we’re constantly improving the software.

Consolidate HR infrastructure

People First eliminates the inefficiencies of operating multiple HR systems, including time spent updating spreadsheets, checking integrations and resolving issues. Open APIs, webhooks and data sources mean you can integrate the platform with your other business systems.

See how People First works

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Create a more resilient mobile workforce

The tech sector has high employee turnover, and finding the right replacements is increasingly difficult. Attracting and keeping the people you need means demonstrating your commitment to them, especially when they’re often away from the office. With People First’s Recruitment, Talent, and Learning modules, you can ensure everyone feels empowered, engaged, aligned and motivated.

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Manage your mobile workforce's needs

Many tech workers spend most of their time on the road, dealing with working with customers and maintaining their infrastructure. People First enables your mobile employees to operate and your mobile employees to work from any location at any time, equipping you with better workplace flexibility. Mobile-first and cloud-based, the platform puts an entire HR system in your people’s pockets.

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