29 August 2023

Putting your People First

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Investing in employee engagement and wellbeing has never been more important as organisations need to keep staff happy and motivated amid a near-perfect storm of challenges. So, what steps must HR take?

Finding and retaining good people has rarely been as difficult – the highest number of job vacancies in years, the cost-of-living crisis, inflation outstripping wage increases and changed employee expectations have created a near perfect storm. 

Organisations need to keep their people happy and motivated. So, what steps must they take? 

Many organisations say their employees are their ‘greatest asset’, so it’s essential that they invest in and nurture their employees, supporting them in developing skills, gaining valuable experience and building their careers and networks. 

Businesses build the value of their human capital when they help their people to grow. Developing an employee isn’t an exact science; people operate at different speeds as they ingest information, learn skills, grow in confidence and discover how to tackle workplace issues. 

An engaged, productive employee is an asset. And that comes through greater communication, increased collaboration, peer and management recognition and a greater sense of involvement in projects and company direction. This in turn leads to a greater sense of empowerment and wellbeing in the employee. Through regular employee - manager check-ins, reviewing and driving skills development, building groups and communities, businesses can develop a creative, productive culture - ultimately benefiting both the organisation and their employees. 

People First is a complete HR system designed for both desktop and mobile devices, so employees can access it whenever and wherever they like. It ensures users can easily find the information they need and enables an employee centric approach with communication and talent management tools, instant access to pay and personal details, company news, recognitions, special interest groups and more.  

By keeping employees happy, engaged and focused, businesses will increase individual and collective resilience while supporting a growth environment and mindset – despite current challenging circumstances. 

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