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Insight-driven workforce management

Redefining workforce management software

How we work has changed – has your talent management solution? People First’s Workforce Management puts your team front and center. Manage HR operations more effectively and enhance productivity in a single, unified platform.

We can help:

  • Automate manual administrative tasks
  • Measure absences and proactively manage issues
  • Unlock actionable workforce insights

Benefits of workforce management

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Admin reduction
Manual processes can and should be automated, enabling your team to focus on mission-critical deliverables.
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Simplified staffing schedules
Produce cost effective rosters that work for you and for your people
A mobile displaying People First's absence and holiday functionality.
Clock in from anywhere
Give your dispersed workforce more flexibility with the ability to clock in and out with a single click
People First organisational reporting dashboard.
Cost effectiveness
Data will be kept up to date in real-time, so you have full cost visibility
People First team overview calendar.
Build business resilience
Ensure you have the staffing flexibility to withstand peak-demand challenges

The people-focused HR platform

Simplified time
People First clock-in functionality displaying

Simplified time

People First’s Workforce Management software simplifies and streamlines schedule management through automation, so your people know when they are working and that their time is recorded accurately

Insight-driven resourcing
People First organisation reporting dashboard.

Insight-driven resourcing

Receive intelligent analysis of your daily workforce patterns and requirements - including periods of high demand - to identify staffing issues and make resource allocation easy

Empowered people
People First Employee profile functionality displaying.

Empowered people

People First’s mobile-first design means your employees can take accountability for their time, update key details, and check their schedule with their own device, wherever they are 

Simplify scheduling with MHR's people-focused

What can workforce management software do?

People First Workforce Management supports organizations with rostering, timesheet automation, absence management and hybrid working. All within one platform. That enables increased productivity, reduced admin time and cost efficiencies.

Track time and attendance

Utilize employee time and attendance tracking software to manage, maintain and monitor employees compliantly. Eliminate outdated manual processes with software that enables seamless organization and visibility of your employees' records. 

Improve workforce absence handling

Analyze employee patterns with our SAAS workforce management software's absence calendar functionality. Automate absence processes and ensure that roster details are linked to payroll for accurate pay and attendance data.

Streamline pay calculations

Seamlessly automate pay calculations to instantly convert inputted hours worked through to payroll. Our enterprise workforce management software means that you can mitigate human error and embrace a whole new way of working.

Simplify clocking-in and out

Empowering employee self-service means your people can use our software to clock-in and out across different devices – supported by geo-location functionality for accuracy and safety.

Minimize HR admin

Digital assistant technology allows employees to submit expense claims with ease, reducing workloads for HR and finance teams. Paid mileage functionality means employees can accurately claim road expenses in real-time.

Clarify your rostering process

With our remote workforce management system, you can create rosters quickly and easily. Calculate all employee information including individual work patterns, skills, and availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Workforce management (WFM) is a holistic approach to optimizing the performance of a workforce. It involves aligning people, processes, and technology to ensure that the right people are in the right place at the right time with the right skills to achieve organizational goals, monitor absence and attendance, and streamline rostering processes. 

The modern workforce requires a forward-thinking approach that uses tools, processes, and technology that enable flexible working to maximize productivity.  

Mobile workforce management software helps businesses of all sizes to manage their remote workforce more efficiently and effectively, making sure that flexible working arrangements benefit both your employees and your business, through better engagement, morale, and retention.  

Our workforce management solution provides your employees with real-time access to their schedules, timesheets, and other important information, while also providing employers with visibility into employee productivity and performance. 

There are a variety of workforce management systems available, each with its own unique features and functionality. Our solutions cover Time and Attendance, Rostering, Absence Management, and a self-service Time and Attendance Chatbot. 

Our workforce management software makes scheduling you employees fast and simple, provides accurate insights into availability and working patterns, and empowers your employees to manage their own clock-in and out admin – all while making sure payroll is accurate with our online timesheet software. 

Yes. By integrating our software with a large number of third-party solutions, we can provide advanced workforce management solutions – for example, People First can be integrated with a biometric clocking-in system, that can use fingerprints or facial recognition to individually track start and ends of shifts. 

Our enterprise workforce management software is built to scale with your business as it grows, to any size and any industry. 

Yes, we know that when selecting a new workforce management system, the security and confidentiality of your employee data is your highest priority. 

Our fully integrated system is built with security at its core. Our cloud hosting via our state-of-the-art data centers has no shared infrastructure and a closed network from any third parties, so your data will never be exposed to or accessed by a third-party. 

Our solutions not only support a forward-thinking approach, they enhance it. Our workforce management software is built to meet the needs of a modern workforce with our ever-evolving HR Chatbot – there to give your teams intelligent support, whenever they need it, wherever they are. 

Our forward-thinking doesn’t stop at our software; we embody these values in our own workforce. We support flexible working by actively encouraging our people to take time off in lieu (TOIL) and make the most of flexitime – made possible with our own software. 

As you might expect, the cost of a workforce management solution will vary depending on the size of your business, your specific requirements, and the level of expert support required. However, People First Workforce Management is designed to grow with you, whatever size your business is – our experts are happy to discuss your specific needs and find the best solution to fit your business. 

The right workforce management software can help you free up time and focus on growing your business, no matter the size. By automating administrative tasks like rostering and tracking attendance, you can: 

  • Increase productivity: our online rostering and scheduling tool can help you create a work schedule with no skills gaps, so you can be sure that every element of your business is fully staffed and running properly. You’ll also benefit from your employees having the tools to manage their own time and schedule, boosting their productivity, and your business performance. 
  • Reduce fraudulent time logging: With geo-location technology, People First makes it easy to track absences, late arrivals, and unauthorized breaks – so you can easily identify and mitigate fraudulent time logging. 
  • Cut back on admin: With People First’s clocking-in software, you can automate many of the time-consuming tasks your people hate – freeing them to focus on more important tasks. 
  • Easily access insights: By placing all your people data in a single place, People First helps you instantly access real-time insights in to your workforce, so you can easily assess performance and make informed decisions.  
  • Save time and money: People First streamlines time-consuming tasks such as rostering with automation, cutting down on admin time and make it easy for managers to stay organized – so you can be confident you aren’t overstaffing and making business more expensive than it needs to be. 

Workforce management software helps your business to grow by taking away laborious tasks from your HR departments, with tools like online timesheets or clocking-in software. You’ll save hours of admin time by streamlining those time-consuming tasks like rostering and attendance tracking, so they can focus on higher value tasks that improve productivity and performance. 

Workforce management software can be beneficial for any organization seeking to enhance its efficiency and effectiveness. Regardless of the size of your business, People First’s workforce management solutions can help you maintain optimal staffing levels, ensuring that you are never understaffed. This, in turn, contributes to customer satisfaction and increased profitability.  

From healthcare to manufacturing, finance to transportation, People First’s workforce management software simplifies the process of managing your employees. 

People First Workforce Management software is designed to be flexible enough to support businesses of all sizes. If you're not sure if workforce management software is right for you, contact MHR today. Our people are here to answer any questions and advise on the best software for your needs. 

The easiest way to get a quote for People First Workforce Management is to use our online contact form. Once you’ve completed it, one of our team will soon be in touch to discuss your goals, needs, and budget – these help us to give you the most accurate pricing details for you. 

Almost certainly, yes. The stresses of rostering, time, and attendance, or ensuring accuracy of clocking-in records are common across every industry; People First is perfect for these issues. 

We work across a huge range of industries and business sizes to simplify their workforce management challenges; we’re confident we can help you too. If you’re not sure if a workforce management system is the right fit for you, we’re here to help, so get in touch. 

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