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Finance software that powers productivity

Enhance decision-making, drive efficiency, and pursue profit with our cloud financial systems

Market-leading finance software from MHR

Financial management is sometimes a burden, but it doesn’t need to be. Integrated financial modelling, analysis and forecasting software enables you to: 

  • Integrate systems to surface new insights 
  • Harness automation, reducing errors and resource burdens 
  • Unlock innovative capabilities via specialist tools 
  • Strengthen compliance, security, and ESG performance 
  • Increase workflow efficiencies 

Finance software that delivers returns

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Get your finances future-ready
Integrate accurate, real-time data to unlock new insights and unleash growth.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 showing financial insights such as open sales, purchases, payments, and complete business performance.
Be a great place to work
Retain your top talent and overcome skills shortages, by delivering a better workplace experience for employees.
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Shield your business from risk
Strengthen your cybersecurity defenses, ensuring compliance and minimizing your risk of exposure to harmful threats.
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Powerful, integrated solutions
Unify all your HR, payroll, and finance software in one platform to reach new levels of productivity and ease.

Eliminate finance management pain points

Streamline process
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Streamline processes and remove bottlenecks

Agility is an essential skill for modern businesses to develop. MHR’s suite of planning, budgeting, and forecasting tools give finance teams everything they need to proactively plan for the future and adapt to changing conditions. 

Prevent errors
Microsoft Power BI dashboard displaying key statistics data such as fees to target, chargeable hours, and bills outstanding.

Prevent data and reporting errors

End of month reporting can be painful for even the best finance teams. Put an end to spreadsheet errors with automated data integration and management, enabling finance teams to be confident in their reporting and keep their focus on higher-value activities. 

Alleviate admin burden
IBM planning analytics insights showing area breakdown by year.

Alleviate administrative burden

Many finance tasks are repetitive and require lots of manual labor to complete on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis. MHR Finance eliminates manual tasks and enhances productivity with accessible, intuitive interfaces that accelerate decision-making and action. 

Strategic decision-making
IBM planning analytics showing inflation rate dashboard.

Enable agile, strategic decision-making

Finance blind spots can create shortcomings in business strategies and the way that you respond to change. Leverage real-time reporting, intuitive dashboards, and financial analytics capabilities to react quickly and confidently to situations as they arise. 

Mitigate security risks
IBM planning analytics integrated with People First platform showing area breakdown by year, including payroll costs by month and department.

Mitigate compliance and security risks

In a world of ever increasing and evolving cyber security threats, it’s vital to maintain compliance, reduce risk, and strengthen your reputation. MHR’s Finance solutions simplify reporting and ensure that your data is secure. 

See our integrated finance solution in action

How we enable next-generation financial planning

Financial forecasting and budgeting tools

Use our core bookkeeping function and budgeting software to track financial assets in real-time and make informed decisions. 

Automatic data integration

MHR Finance automates data integration and management across your finance systems to create a single source of truth for your teams. 

Reporting and insight generation

Automate time-consuming reporting and analysis processes with simple reports, dashboards, and frameworks to enable confident decision-making. 

Robust compliance and cybersecurity

Our cloud-based system keeps you up to date with the latest security tech, overcoming hidden vulnerabilities and evolving with regulatory requirements. 

A solution customized to your needs

MHR Finance is a modular solution that will be customized flexibly to your needs, ensuring rapid time-to-value, and keeping your business running smoothly. 

Business processes integration

Integrate MHR Finance with our HR software, People First, to create a single platform that connects business functions and provides a more complete picture of your business’ needs. 

Frequently Asked Finance Questions

Finance management software is a tool that helps you manage your businesses’ income, expenses, and assets. It helps to automate many of the tasks and processes involved in managing finances, such as recording transactions, generating reports, and forecasting future cash flow, while also providing end-to-end visibility and traceability to help meet your regulatory and auditing requirements.  

In our experience, finance teams are generally overwhelmed with manual processes and calculations that take huge amounts of time, taking time away from delivering strategic insights and business value. The right finance system can help a business by: 

  • Improving efficiency and accuracy: Finance systems can automate many of the tasks involved in managing finances, reducing the risk of errors, and saving businesses time and money. 
  • Providing better insights: Finance systems can provide businesses with detailed insights into their financial performance, helping them to make better decisions about how to manage their finances. 
  • Enhancing compliance: Finance systems can help businesses to comply with financial regulations and reporting requirements. 

While the costs of a finance management solution can vary greatly depending on factors – like size of a business, complexity of needs, and breadth of functionality – there are a number of cost-effective options available. Our team of experts can help identify the right fit for your needs. 

Our finance solutions and services can meet the needs of any size of business – we have options designed for the smallest startup, through to growing organizations and SMBs, and even global enterprises. 

With the flexibility to support a range of needs, business sizes and regulatory requirements, our integrated finance solutions can transform your business, no matter that industry. Our team will work with you to identify what you need and will help build the best solution for your business. 

With intuitive and easy-to-implement access controls and measures, a cloud-based finance system can give you further reassurance about the security of your data and sensitive information. MHR work with you to make sure you have total control over who can access your business’s data, to what extent, and ensure you have a complete record of the changes made to meet audit requirements. 

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