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Workforce management

Intelligent management software solutions to simplify the organisation of your workforce.

People First organisational reporting dashboard.

Plan, Manage and Engage your Employees

Boost productivity and growth with workforce management solutions that automate and streamline your people planning.

In one central system, our HR workforce management solutions streamline rostering, shift management, and time and attendance. Simplify clocking-in with information passed automatically to payroll against flexi, agile, or TOIL working schemes to ensure your information is always accurate.

Keep your people engaged and focused on business-critical tasks, while ensuring you have a holistic view of your workforce.

Time and Attendance
People First organisation reporting dashboard.

Time and Attendance

Our workforce management solutions reduce arduous processes with seamless data transfer and automation that improves payroll accuracy and reduces time fraud.

Eliminate costly human error and manual timesheets, improve transparency, and align your organisation to changing needs with greater flexibility.

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Ensure you have the right people, with the right skills, at the right time with our intelligent rostering solution. Plan and allocate shifts to ensure business operations run smoothly, with full visibility over costs and available resources.

With shift bidding and swapping, boost employee engagement with greater flexibility over working hours. Integrated in a single system, hours can be allocated against flexi and TOIL, with seamless data transfer to payroll to ensure accurate pay.

Clocking In
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Clocking In

With greater requirements for hybrid working, organisations need both digital and hardware solutions to record working hours and locations. Our mobile clocking-in solutions empower employees to log their own hours. Via desktop or mobile, a single click logs an employee’s start and finish time, with geolocation features to support off-site safety.

In partnership with Grosvenor Technology, our hardware solutions provide a range of identity options, from facial recognition and fingerprint scanning to identity codes – all designed to reduce time fraud and ensure real-time data shows which employees are in the building.

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Workforce management made easy

Our range of workforce management tools supports your organisation with rostering, automating timesheets, managing absence, processing flextime, and TOIL – all boosting productivity, security, and your growth objectives

Track time and attendance

Eliminate the need for manual time sheets and reduce repetitive data entry with seamless information transfer across your workforce solutions. Maintain a holistic view of your people to plan resources effectively

Streamline pay calculations

Automated pay calculations instantly convert clocked hours against your pay schemes and send information straight to payroll, improving accuracy

Reduce HR and finance admin

Our digital assistant technology makes it easy for employees to request holidays, submit expenses, claim mileage and ask questions to reduce the burden on HR and finance teams – automatically updating key systems to maintain data accuracy

Simplify clocking in and out

With more flexibility needed to support hybrid working, employees can clock-in and out digitally via desktop or mobile with geolocation features, or our hardware solutions offer a range of identity options to boost security and minimize time fraud

Boost your rostering

Simplify shift planning with rostering that calculates all your employee information, such as work patterns, skills and availability. With bidding and swapping, resource planning can flex to fulfill your resource needs

Improve employee absence handling

Absence calendars provide a single view to analyse and manage employees. Automate your absence processes and link roster information to pay for accurate attendance data


Workforce management helps employers plan and manage workforce demands while optimising employee productivity. Integrated as a key part of any HR software solution, it allows your team to gain insights into working patterns, understand the impact of absence, and streamline rostering.

Yes. Our software can be integrated with a wide range of third-party solutions, including Grosvenor Technology, who offer biometric clocking-in via fingerprint or facial recognition.

Yes, both iTrent and People First are integrated systems with a single data source uniting HR, payroll, analytics, and management information systems. Our clocking-in solutions also supply information seamlessly to your HR and payroll solution, ensuring your data is always up-to-date and accurate.

The cost of workforce management software will depend on your specific business needs and the level of service you require.

Our HR workforce management solution, iTrent, can be tailored to meet your requirements and are designed to grow with you – no matter how straight-forward or complex your organisation might be.