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HR analytics

Find the power in your people data

What is HR analytics?

Help your key decision-makers get to the root of why things happen the way they do.

HR analytics uses your employee and organisation data to provide a clear understanding of how your people impact your organisation. It gives you a better understanding of your workforce to help you make accurate predictions about how decisions will impact the business as a whole. 

Combine your employee information such as pay grades and absence records, with your wider operational data such as financial plans, to support your strategic decision making and boost your cross-departmental collaboration.

We can help you with:

  • Utilise your existing people data to improve your organisation's performance

  • Drive data-backed organisational change

  • Provide an accurate view of your organisation through easily accessible dashboards, reports, plans, budgets and forecasts

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What can HR analytics do for you?

HR analytics has the power to give your organisation a competitive advantage and help you reach your wider strategic goals more quickly. Discover the benefits of HR analytics:

Enhance your workforce’s productivity

Identify your employees' capacity, improve performance and reduce churn. Recognise successful characteristics of your top talent and optimise your recruitment strategy

Save time and get rid of spreadsheets

Tailor and personalise your own dashboard and share graphs between teams, drilling down into individual details as required

Make more informed decisions

Follow the trends affecting your organisation’s workforce in real-time including absence, audit, benefits, health & safety, learning, people and recruitment

Develop and maintain company culture

Allow decision-makers to understand the inner-workings of their organisation and reveals warning signs that may pose a risk to promoting a healthy workplace.

Embrace a more efficient way of working with HR analytics.

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Easily visualise your data

Transform your HR data into a range of visualisation options to provide an at-a-glance dashboard for planning, reviews and board meetings.

Quickly access an overview of your people from absence to recruitment, and filter down for more specific information without having to waste time exporting data, filling in spreadsheets or making graphs for presentations.

Share your data to give all your people the chance to work towards common goals as well as clearly highlighting any potential pitfalls.

iTrent reports

Effortlessly create intelligent reports

Reporting analytics from MHR makes understanding your data a breeze. With a full organisational view and clear picture of your people, you’ll have the power to avoid talent gaps, analyse your gender pay gap, monitor absence rates, examine salary breakdowns - all while increasing your cost savings. Whether it’s a one-off query, detailed analysis to include in a proposal, or sophisticated management reporting, you can do it all.

Choose from either fast-track out-of-the-box reporting, or bespoke personalised reports tailored to your organisation’s requirements.


Automatically plan, budget and forecast

Automate your planning, budgeting and forecasting while offering a complete analysis of your most important asset, your people.

Move away from time consuming spreadsheets and manual processes to deliver the best results for your business. We’ll do the hard work for you, calculating the best use of your talent pool based on their skillset, pay grade and availability.

Take the guess work out of planning and use our data insight tools as the backbone to your strategic decision making. Explore the power of planning analytics for your business.

Predict your organisation’s future

Predict your organisation’s future

Spot trends and future-proof your organisation and its people by tracking data patterns. Predicting the future of your people doesn’t have to be complex or scary – our software is designed with you in mind and our experts are on hand to help you get great results. 

Whether you’re concerned with talent attraction, employee retention or payroll fraud, predictive analytics will predict future outcomes, so your business can act today.


Trusted Partners

Our analytics platforms are built in partnership with the most advanced and trusted industry platforms in SAP and IBM. Whether you’re running reports, forecasting improvements or predicting your future business opportunities these partnerships insure a familiar interface and widespread integration with other platforms.

No matter how advanced your organisation, we can help you take your next step in business intelligence, augmented analytics or enterprise planning.

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Seemless intergation into iTrent

While our analytics systems can be implemented no matter what platforms you are currently running, our own iTrent system provides a 100% seamless integration and turnkey implementation for our full analytics suite. iTrent customers can simply select which reporting packs they would like or have custom reports built specific to their needs.