Getting Value From Measuring Employee Experience, Productivity and Well-being.

Employee experience has never been so important. But according to Gallup, 85% of employees are not engaged at work.

When the employee experience is positive, it leads to fantastic things, from boosted productivity, higher retention rates, to even reduced absences. But when it’s bad, it can lead you to a negative feedback loop where employees get more and more unhappy, dragging your organisation down with them.

You need to be measuring employee experience, but how do you measure something based so much on feelings? 

And how do you make sure you’re getting honest answers from your employees, and not just what they think you want to hear?

The latest research from Gartner® will help you find the best ways measure employee experience accurately and effectively. Download the report to find out more.

Attribution: Gartner®, Getting Value From Measuring Employee Experience, Productivity And Well-being, Helen Poiteven, Lane Severson, 8 February 2023.

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