MHR global partners on tiles, including, IBM, Go1, GBG, Wagestream and much more.

Meet MHR's partners

Collaborating with the right people so we can deliver the best solutions.

Delivering the best solution possible

Our driving goal at MHR is to make the world of work better. We don’t want to settle for ‘good enough’. We want a solution that is going to change your world.
The best way to handle that? It’s not by finding individual solutions for every problem you have. That leads to data silos, having to scour through your systems to find the right tool for any given job. This hamstrings your productivity and shatters your confidence in your tools, even if they’re the best options available.
That’s why we want to give you a single, robust solution, and it’s why we work with several first-class partners to deliver the best outcome every time. We use APIs and custom integrations to help you bring a range of HR, pay hub, finance and analytics solutions into one accessible platform, letting you focus on getting great results.

MHR Partners

Broadbean logo

Broadbean is a global recruitment technology business that helps recruiters reach candidates. They work with businesses and job boards to make sure the recruitment process is everything their customers need.

Cloudpay logo

Cloudpay provides managed global payroll services through a cloud solution that ensures consistent and compliant international payroll in 130+ countries.

Cronofy Partner logo

Cronofy scheduling technology that delivers the flexibility required for the real world. Say goodbye to email back and forth even for complicated, multi-person meetings.

Docebo logo

Learning from MHR is powered by Docebo to give our customers the best comprehensive Learning Management System.

go1 logo

Go1 provides our customers with ready-made training materials within our Learning Management System.

Solver partners logo

Solver provides MHR customers with the ability to transform their Corporate Performance Management through improved performance insights, visibility, and planning.

Wagestream logo

Wagestream gives colleagues access to a set of tools that build long-term financial resilience.