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How We Work With Our Partners

At MHR, our constant mission is to understand and improve the world of work.

To offer the best possible software and services for our customers, we work alongside specialists to create comprehensive, as well as niche, solutions to support our customers’ specific requirements.

We choose strategic partners to ensure that our solutions are suitable across multiple countries, industries, and company sizes. Collaborating with the right people means that we can offer complementary products, services, sales and support to deliver first-class solutions.

Through People First and our HR, payroll and consultancy services, we strive to provide effective and innovative solutions supported by a variety of key partnerships.

Build Solutions

Ideal for partners such as independent software vendors (ISVs) and application developers that want to integrate with our HR and payroll systems or analytics.

Are you ready to design, innovate, and market your solutions together with us?  

Sell Solutions

Typically for resellers and value-added resellers (VARs) that resell, implement, and support end customers. You can own the entire customer lifecycle or collaborate with other partners, or MHR, to sign up new clients.  

Support Solutions

Perfect for consultants or systems integrators (SIs) that provide strategic business consulting, system design, solution integration, and project implementation for MHR solutions.

People First U.S. Partners

Global partners

Global Partners

We’re dedicated to bringing you the most innovative solutions on the market, which is why we've partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry. This allows us to couple our industry leading HR, Payroll and Analytical expertise with software applications, infrastructure and consulting from selected world-class organizations. Through comprehensive, intelligent integration of partner solutions and services we underpin and complement our own key strengths to maximize your productivity.

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