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Pain-free pay hub

Eliminate payroll headaches: Integrate your payroll and benefits software into the People First Pay Hub

Unify your HR, payroll and benefits software

People First Pay Hub is a solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing payroll systems, empowering you to: 

  • Access best-in-class tech without switching providers 
  • Empower end-users with self-service tools 
  • Stay compliant with state and federal regulations 
  • Streamline processes and enable efficient remote working 
  • Improve payroll data quality through data integration 

Benefits of our People First Pay Hub

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Improve data visibility
Empower employees to access all their HR and payroll data in one place.
Woman at her laptop smiling as processes are automated, reducing her admin.
Reduce administration time
Double data entry is a thing of the past with our integrated HR and payroll and benefits solution.
Woman looking at tablet checking compliance is adhered to
Ensure regulatory compliance
Minimize risk and stay compliant with changing payroll regulations.
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Manage cashflow effectively
Use payroll automation to enable consistent workflows and eliminate stress.

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Say good bye to your pay and benefits pain

Streamline processes and reduce admin
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Streamline and reduce admin

Automate time-consuming payroll processes and benefits administration andby empowering staff to manage their own data with our self-service portal – all while ensuring robust data security and regulatory compliance. 

Replace outdated systems
Women smiling as she has streamlined her systems by digitalising her processes through her laptop

Replace outdated systems

Say goodbye to outdated desktop-based interfaces and patchwork point solutions. Our mobile-first platform empowers staff to access their personal, benefits and payroll information from anywhere via a secure, app-based interface. 

Ensure accurate, error-free payroll
People First pay hub screen shown on desktop, with benefit outgoings.

Ensure accurate, pain-free payroll

Payroll integration with our People First platform creates a single source of truth for payroll, benefits and HR data and consolidates inputs from all your payroll and finance systems automatically, eliminating input errors. 

How we make pay and benefits management pain-free

Ready-to-go payroll and benefits integration
With no set-up time required, People First Payroll Hub seamlessly connects with leading partners – including ADP, CloudPay, Paychex, and Gusto, Zenefits, PlanSource, and Reward Gateway – for seamless two-way data flow that eliminates duplication and manual error.

Expert implementation support

Our payroll system experts will help you to integrate any payroll provider into Payroll Hub using People First’s APIs – no matter what system you currently use. 

Optimized employee experience

Empower staff to easily access and manage their payslips, W2, benefits, and update personal information and manage their own pay and HR data from their own devices, freeing your HR and payroll team up to focus on efficiencies. 

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Frequently asked Pay Hub questions

People First's Payroll Hub is a centralized platform that connects your HR, and payroll and benefits systems, providing a single source of truth for your employee data. This integration streamlines your payroll processes, reduces errors, and saves you time and money.  

People First's Pay Hub connects to your existing payroll system, either through a ready-to-go connection with a specific partner or through a quick integration with a third-party system. This allows you to continue using your preferred payroll provider while still benefiting from the power of the People First platform.  

There are many benefits to using People First's Pay Hub, including:  

  • Reduced errors and improved accuracy: By centralizing your employee data, you can eliminate errors caused by data duplication and inconsistencies.  
  • Streamlined payroll processes: Automate tasks such as data transfer and reconciliation, freeing up your payroll team to focus on more strategic initiatives.  
  • Real-time data insights: Access real-time data on your payroll costs, employee demographics, and other key metrics.  
  • Improved employee satisfaction: Provide employees with self-service access to their payroll and benefits information, reducing their need to contact your HR and payroll teams.  

We have partnered with a number of leading payroll and benefits specialists, enabling Pay Hub to easily connect with your existing systems without complex integrations. 

  • Our current payroll partners are:  
  • ADP 
  • CloudPay 
  • Paychex 
  • Gusto 

Our current benefits partners are:  

  • Zenefits 
  • PlanSource 
  • Reward Gateway 

People First's Pay Hub can integrate with a wide range of payroll systems, including both on-premises and cloud-based systems. We have ready-to-go connections with specific payroll partners, and our integration experts can quickly integrate with third-party systems.  

Integrations with one of our payroll partners can be completed in minutes. For other third-party systems, integrations can be delivered in as little as 24 hours.  

Our team of integration experts will handle the entire integration process, from start to finish. They will work closely with you to understand your requirements and ensure a smooth and successful integration.  

We will work closely with you to minimize disruptions to your current payroll processes. We’ll also provide all the training and support your and your team need to ensure you can get the most out of Pay Hub without needing to replace your current system.