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The People First HR and Payroll Platform

Discover the cloud-based HR platform that helps you build a more connected, resilient, and engaged workforce

Payroll and HR automation to maximize productivity

With a simple design, impactful analytics and automation, and seamless integrations, People First is a cloud-based software platform that: 

  • Streamlines processes, increases efficiency, and boosts productivity 
  • Builds a more connected workforce 
  • Empowers your employees with self-service solutions 
  • Helps you attract and retain the best talent in your industry 
  • Provides data analysis tools to support strategic decision-making 

Benefits of People First from MHR

People First platform shown on desktop and mobile.
Unify your people and finance systems
People First is a cloud-based system that brings all your HR, payroll, and finance functions together into a single, mobile-first platform.
People First platform social feed with recognitions.
Empower your teams
People First gives you the tools to boost staff wellbeing, motivation, and resilience from a single employee engagement platform.
Mobile phone showing People First check ins module with 5 star review.
Cloud-based software
Your employees can use our online HR software and integrated mobile app to access People First from anywhere in the world.
People First platform shown on desktop screen, showing calendar year insights into an employees benefit package.
Tailored to your needs
Use our modular online HR management software to extend and customize your People First platform as needed.
People First platform showing the recruitment module that has automated workflows to make recruiting easy.
HR workflow automation
Use our HR analytics and automation capabilities to drive efficiency, maximize risk exposure, and free your teams up to focus on value-adding tasks.

What People First can do for you

Simplify and automate
People First platform on desktop showing an employee's calendar view.

Simplify and automate

Simplify processes and eliminate time-consuming administration. Use People First’s comprehensive HR automation capabilities to improve efficiency, reduce risk exposure, and make your people more productive. 

Engage your workforce
People First platform menu displayed on a mobile phone.

Engage your workforce

Engage distributed teams, facilitate seamless communication, and bring your office anywhere with People First’s secure, mobile-first platform. Build a more engaged, resilient workforce that can drive your business forward. 

Nurture employee talent
Learning from People First platform homescreen displayed showing all available courses.

Nurture employee talent

Leverage people analytics to uncover the skills your business needs, attract the best talent, and make sure you keep them. People First gives you the tools to build a workforce that is resilient, high-value and, most of all, happy. 

Enable digital analytics
People First analytics insights showing people analytics for leavers, new hires, open jobs, and more.

Enable digital analytics

Break down HR data silos to uncover insights and improve strategic decision-making. People First’s reporting and HR analytics capabilities deliver proactive alerts, easy-to-use dashboards, and enhanced data visibility. 

Maximize efficiency
People First social feed shown on a desktop screen.

Maximize efficiency

Consolidate payroll and HR platforms and eliminate inefficiencies with a single, cloud-based solution that supports all your needs. People First helps to improve the employee experience while delivering a lower total cost-of-ownership. 

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Leading payroll and HR software from MHR

Online HR management software

Eliminate time-consuming HR admin with People First's employee self-service and HR automation tools, streamlining workflows across the employee lifecycle. 

Recruitment and onboarding software

People First Recruitment & Onboarding takes the stress out of finding the right people and provides the tools to set them up for success. 

Talent management tools

Map your business' skill pool, plan how to upskill your people, and ensure they receive the attention they need with People First Talent Management. 

Learning and development platform

Personalize learning at scale and track staff progress from a single, centralized learning management system with Learning from People First.

HR data analysis tools

People First Analytics provides intuitive dashboards and reports that give you a single source of truth from strategic decision-making.

Online pay hub

Use People First's pay hub to integrate any payroll solution to create a single-view of your HR, payroll and finance data.


Yes. People First is available on any device - mobile or desktop. Employees can manage their HR admin tasks wherever they are located, reducing the pressure on line managers and HR teams. They can also keep up to date with company news and their colleagues through the communities element, which helps them feel connected to the wider organisation.

With the People First social feed, employees have access to a collaborative social space, where they can identify and connect with like-minded individuals across the organisation. This helps develop a sense of community and breaks down organisational silos. Users can add their own content to news feeds, groups, their colleagues’ profile pages or their own, and get instant feedback via likes and comments.

People First is an intuitive, cloud-based platform which enables your employees access to the tools and information they need quickly and easily, wherever they are based. It provides a comprehensive platform for employee communication, driving greater business alignment and a sense of unified culture.

Yes, you can post jobs internally, externally and via social media for maximum exposure. Necessary skills, qualifications and certificates are stored against each job opening. Candidates receive real-time updates throughout the hiring process via the candidate portal, and you can attach documents, CV’s, interview notes and videos to candidate profiles.

Build a full catalogue of training courses, and allow your employees to take learning and development into their own hands through self-service booking. Course details are completely customisable. You can define manager approval, set expiration dates and provide links to e-learning in course details. Courses can be added from both external and internal training providers, supporting both on and off-site learning. You can also connect courses to positions to provide a record of learning items that an employee must complete as part of their job, You can also link course completion to skills, helping you to build a robust competency framework. 

Progressive companies are now replacing annual appraisals, one-to-one's and performance reviews with real-time check-ins, encouraging a culture of open communication and feedback. The Check-in feature of People First enables a two-way conversation with employees, providing real-time, regular feedback.

People First helps to build greater employee engagement by allowing employees to personalise their experience while communicating and collaborating effectively with their colleagues. Innovative features help to build a greater sense of community across your entire workforce.

People First simplifies the whole process by giving employees access to their own information. Employees can clock their start and end times, including their overtime via the Digital Assistant and desktop application, which can be reviewed and amended at a later date by the employee. You can also remove the hassle of calculating time off, particularly where you have different allowances or employees with changing working hours, with People First. The system automates the entire process, so you don’t have to worry.

We have open API's, a full library that can integrate all People First data to anything that you want to use it for.

MHR sells and supports the People First platform through a network of partners across North America. Should you wish to purchase People First, please contact us and we will suggest the most appropriate partner.

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