People First

People First HR Software

HR software to manage, engage and keep your people connected across the full employee lifecycle. It’s your HR, simplified.

Everything your business needs in a HR platform in one place

People First is an easy to use, flexible digital HR platform. Designed with simplicity and great user experience in mind, it is everything you need for your HR operations in one easily accessible and secure place – in the cloud.

Plus, People First saves your company time and money by automating routine, time-consuming tasks. With set up in less than 24 hours, you can start using the features and notifications immediately to reduce HR administration work and get on with more important things.

And because People First is flexible and module based, you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Features and benefits:

  • Automate time-consuming HR processes
  • Connect across the full employee life cycle, from attract and hire to engage and retain
  • Use data & insights to make better decisions for your business
  • Access People First across mobile and desktop, 24/7, 365 days a year

Try People First HR software.

People First Modules

People First features modules that meet your company's unique needs. Each module is built to help your business thrive, flex and grow.


With no setup required you have everything you need to recruit talent.  Candidates can search for jobs and apply directly from their mobile phones.  Ready-built job matching functionality allows you to easily compare and find the right candidates, while pre-formatted emails help you keep them informed every step of the way. You can even introduce new hires to their new team and the company ahead of their start date.

Talent Management

People First is a powerful talent management tool for employees, managers and HR. Real-time employee check-ins are a key feature of People First, enabling you to schedule one-on-one conversations, record outcomes and visualize employee progress. The succession planning tool helps you easily understand your talent pool and design suitable development plans to help you fill key roles. Employees can map their own career paths and identify the skills and qualifications they need to realize their ambitions.

Workforce Management

Capture time and attendance data quickly and accurately, no matter where and when your people work. Employees clock in and out, including overtime through their smartphone, and with geo-tracking, employees can even record their location when checking in. Once the information has been submitted, it is sent automatically to their line manager for approval.

Employee Engagement

People First is a shared virtual workplace that meets remote and onsite employee needs wherever they are. It lets you engage via company communications, social feeds, news, community groups, check-ins and two-way employee reviews. Project updates and visibility help foster collaboration and employee satisfaction. Plus: the People First digital assistant automates daily debriefs and helps employees maximize productivity.

People First Launch

One platform for all work

People First is the only integrated HR platform on the market to include social, collaboration and communication tools alongside all the standard HR features you need, which means that you can get rid of multiple platforms and reduce your workload.

People First Workforce Management

Simple and easy to use

Available via mobile or desktop app, People First has an intuitive interface that requires minimal training. Plus, it supports a number of languages to reduce barriers and improve engagement.

Organisation Chart People First

Admin made easy

You can easily manage every aspect of your employees' data in People First, but they'll also be able to do most of the tasks themselves, freeing up your time for the things you really want or need to be doing!

People First clock-in and clock-out

Quick to implement

With People First you can be up and running within 24 hours, giving you a fast start to efficiency. Our out-of-the-box and easy-to-configure platform will have you working smarter straight away.

Work from home

Keep connected

Communicate your business vision, keep everyone up to date with the latest company news, create polls and more with our social and collaboration tools, plus our unique recognition system helps you celebrate employee successes based on your company values.

Smart man at desk with laptop while using smartphone

Insightful reporting

Reporting is simple and easy in People First with interactive dashboards presenting you with the information you need to make decisions and act when you need to and avoid unnecessary costs.

Why choose MHR?

With over 35 years’ experience, MHR has been researching, supporting, developing and testing our own technology and services. With in-house expertise and no external investment, MHR focuses on market and future trends, to ensure we provide the solutions are customers need now and in the future.

Compliance is at the core of our software and services, backed by our own state of the art data centres to lock down your sensitive information. And with a range of support including strategic consultancy, outsourcing and bot building capabilities, we’ve got a solution whatever your business’ requirements.

MHR supports hundreds of customers, helping to pay hundreds of thousands of hard working employees across a variety of industries and sectors. Take the stress out of HR and Payroll: we’ve got your covered.