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People First Learning Management Suite

Enabling organizational agility and growth through learning and development 

Business success today relies on innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and knowledge. Central to this is having a workforce with the right skills and capabilities.  

With the People First Learning Suite we put the employee at the centre of the experience and enable them to develop their skills and remain relevant, in turn driving your business performance and future growth.   

Whether it is consolidated formal learning or user-generate organizational knowledge, it can be curated in one intuitive, social and engaging platform – The People First Learning Suite.   

The platform will provide you with the insight and analytics to track adoption of learning and its business impact, so it is easy for managers and the organization to measure return of investment and align their learning content to match the changing business needs. 

As with all other aspects of People First, the Learning Suite is available on mobile, on the go, when it is needed most.

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Why you need The People First Learning Suite:

Adapt to hybrid workforces

Over 50% of organizations don’t believe their current LMS is fit for the modern workforce. People First will help you to develop your people in new and exciting ways, regardless of whether they’re home based or a contract worker

Tailored learning paths

The challenge for employers is to provide their people with an L&D experience that matches their expectations. Keeping learning relevant for each employee plays a vital part in engagement. Tailored pathways in People First enable your employees to develop and maximize what they have learnt and put it into practice daily

On the go access

No matter where your employees are working, or how they want to learn, People First Learning Management Suite enables them to learn when and where works best for them on a device of their choice

The need for agility

The pressure is on to be flexible and to do more with less. Organizations can be held back by narrow job role descriptions combined with an inability to quickly reskill employees. Learning management is key to successful change management.

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What can you achieve with the People First Learning Suite?

The People First Learning Suite helps your organization to take a proactive engaging, and transparent approach to learning putting your employees in charge of their own personal development. Helping your organization to drive business growth and agility through learning and development.

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Integrations with third parties

People First has extensive API capabilities, to further enhance your learning and development strategy you can easily integrate with your existing solution to ensure a seamless learning experience for your learners and gain real-time insights into learning activities.

See the People First learning management system in action