15 August 2019

Skateistan Selects People First in Mission to Improve Lives

People First, the HR innovator has been selected to supply its advanced, employee-focused software tools to Skateistan, the Berlin-based non-profit organisation that combines skateboarding with education to improve the lives of youngsters in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa.

Skateistan will initially use People First’s cloud-based platform for core HR functions along with document-sharing and easy access to teaching materials – all available via smartphone. In phase two, Skateistan will employ People First’s unrivalled wider range of advanced capabilities to nurture talent, develop performance and improve recruitment.

“People First is a dynamic company that understands how we need to be as efficient and as nurturing as possible towards our staff so they can improve the lives of the 2,500 active students of Skateistan, many of whom are marginalised and growing up in tough environments,” said Claire Dugan, Deputy Executive Director, Skateistan. “Like us, People First is prepared to be highly innovative and add a dash of excitement to the workplace. It was a natural fit for a lean, transparent organisation like Skateistan.”

People First will ensure Skateistan’s 100 talented and highly committed staff are as well qualified and supported as possible to fulfil their ambition to transform as many lives as possible in what can be very tough conditions, ensuring all staff have up-to-date qualifications, full access to all the information and materials they need.

A key feature of People First is that the whole system is available through a smartphone app, providing the full range of functions and information, bringing operations in different countries together, irrespective of languages used. Cloud-based and available 24/7, People First has a 21st Century look and feel.

“This is a really exciting partnership and we can’t wait to get started with Skateistan,” said Mark Williams, Senior Vice President – Product at People First. “It’s a real privilege to work with such a forward-thinking organisation which is a perfect client in terms of outlook, mission and values, committed to boosting the life chances of children in tough parts of the world through fun and enjoyment. I know we can help their wonderful staff to fulfil their ambitions.”

To find out more about how People First can help simplify HR tasks, boost productivity and enable collaboration, visit the People First page.

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