22 July 2020

Podcast: Vulnerability, Leadership and Going Off Script in the Time of COVID

Vulnerability, Leaderships and Going Off Script

Featuring Mark Schaefer, globally recognized blogger, speaker, educator, consultant and bestselling author, on the MHR podcast: Leadership, The Future and Tea.

Leadership, the future and tea | Season 1, Episode 10: Special Guest Mark Schaefer

In this episode, Mark Schaefer discusses leadership, sales, marketing and how the best brands are tossing the script right now and being more human in their authentic response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Tune in to hear Mark's perspectives on:

  • Peter Drucker
  • Vulnerability
  • Why leadership is about asking the right questions (not knowing all the answers)
  • Why it's time to toss the advertising playbook
  • Also: Communities, Facebook, universities and personal brand

Listen to episode 10.


About Leadership, The Future and Tea

It's time to make tea and listen to Andy, Iain, Deborah and Hiten discuss about leadership issues and the future. Between them, they have a wealth of experience and have worked with leaders from across the globe. Leave the podcast mulling over the discussion and reflect on how some of the leadership challenges affect you and your business. Explore more episodes of the Leadership, The Future and Tea podcast.




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