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Webinar: What is real-time payroll?

Real-time payroll: the benefits for payroll professionals, employees, and the organisation

Join our in-house payroll experts Chris and Kathryn discuss the latest innovation in payroll: real-time payroll.

In this 15-minute on demand session, our experts cover what real-time payroll is, and the benefits it can bring to an organisation and everyone within it. 

If you and your team would benefit from the ability to correct payroll errors before payday, reduce payroll queries and simplify and automate time-consuming payroll processes - this webinar is not to be missed!


  • What is real-time payroll and how does it work?
  • What benefits does this have for the payroll team?
  • What benefits does this have for employees and how can it increase financial wellbeing? 
  • What real-time insights can be delivered to empower decision-making at an organisation level?

Catch-up on our latest payroll webinar

Discover how real-time payroll can help:

  • Reduce time spent on admin-heavy payroll process by 60%
  • Reduce payroll queries by 40%

Become clued up on all things real-time payroll in just 15-minutes, and get the chance to have your questions answered.

Watch today on demand.