iTrent Learning Suite webinar series

MHR Learning Suite webinar series

Thursday 11th March

We are excited to announce the launch of our MHR Learning Suite, designed to allow you to completely transform the way you offer learning to employees within your business.

In order to boost employees' productivity and ensure they are reaching their full potential, it’s essential for businesses to provide appropriate training and learning.

The new MHR Learning Suite is the perfect way to do this. We have the Learning Management System and the Authoring and eLearning Tool. At a glance here’s what they do:

Learning Management System (LMS). Manage, deliver and build upon your organisation’s learning programmes more effectively than ever before. It will enable you to link employee records, so their learning progress is automatically updated.

Authoring and eLearning Tool. Quickly and easily create engaging, eLearning content. The content produced can be uploaded to your LMS in minutes to sit alongside existing materials. 

We hosted a webinar on each

We held webinars on the two elements of the MHR Learning Suite. The first webinar was on the Learning Management System (LMS) and the second webinar is on the Authoring and eLearning Tool.

Webinar 1 - LMS

We cover:

  • What the MHR Learning Suite is
  • How you can benefit from increased learning capability
  • Working with the LMS within iTrent
  • Demonstration of the LMS

Webinar 2 - Authoring and eLearning Tool

We cover:

  • A brief reminder of the MHR Learning Suite
  • Working with the Authoring and eLearning Tool
  • How you can publish content from the tool to an LMS
  • Demonstration of the Authoring and eLearning Tool

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