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Webinar: Talent pools and succession planning

Wednesday 31st May

Get more value from your talent

Organisations are facing a storm of different issues which impact talent, including skills shortages, low retention and a difficult candidate market on the backdrop of a cost of living crisis. 

So what can you do to get more value from your existing talent?

Find out in our latest webinar! Join our learning industry experts from Docebo and Go1 for top tips on how to get more value from your existing talent.  

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  • What is an internal talent pool?
  • What's stopping organisations from being able to effectively utilise talent pools and succession plans?
  • How can succession planning help with the current skills crisis?
  • How can you understand what skills your people have that they aren't currently using?
  • How can technology help?


Watch the webinar on demand!

Part of our 2023 learning series, our latest webinar focuses on helping organisations to make the most of existing talent by building talent pools and implementing successful succession plans. 

Boost your learning approach for 2023 and beyond with tips and guidance from a panel of learning experts.

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