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How do you solve a problem like learning content?

Wednesday 10th November 11:00 - 12:00 GMT

Provide the right learning content materials to support your people

Over the last 18 months, learning and development has changed: programmes were put on hold, classroom-based training disappeared and even regulatory required training is now facing a backlog to update.

So what does learning look like now and what content is needed to support your diverse range of people and wider business drivers? From virtual-instructor-led training, to microlearning and eLearning - you need to adapt your content to suit changing requirements. Whether you're onboarding new starters, upskilling existing employees or enforcing mandatory training, you need to be confident you've got what you need to deliver a great experience. 

Join our experts as we debate how learning is changing and how content creation needs to adapt to be more effective. 

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  • The changing face of learning: is classroom learning a thing of the past?
  • Types of learners and the varying ways they interpret and understand content
  • Different content formats and how to maintain them
  • Creating new content vs using existing specialist courses
  • Tracking and reporting completions and measuring engagement
  • Q&A

Register for our webinar and find out how you can provide the right learning content to support your employees

With learning and development rated in the top three of an employee's role priorities, it's crucial you have the right processes to support your workers. 

New research reveals that 40% of employees are planning to resign from their current role due to a lack of appreciation, progression and not enough investment. 

Find out how what you need to consider when creating learning and training content.

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