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Introducing iTrent Salary Modelling

Wednesday 1st December 11:00 - 12:00 GMT

Revolutionise your planning, budgeting, forecasting and scenario modelling today

Isn't it time you unlocked the insights hidden within your people data and used it to your and your organisation's advantage? 

Join our webinar to discover how to easily reduce manual and admin-heavy spreadsheets and help to build business resilience through your people data. With iTrent Salary Modelling, you'll be able to plan your workforce costs for up to five, ten, or twenty years into the future and you'll be able to play around with different scenarios, gaining visibility on how each will impact your organisation.

Watch on-demand as we show you how. 

The webinar agenda

Listen to our finance experts, including our CFO, discuss the benefits of salary modelling, planning and budgeting and see the software in action.

We'll demo how to:

  • Build a new forecast to allow you to plan your workforce costs up to three years into the future.
  • Edit information to assess the impact on your workforce costs all in one single solution, removing those inefficient and manual spreadsheets.
  • View different departments' forecasts to improve collaboration throughout the organisation.

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Hear from our CFO about how salary modelling has benefited his finance function and the business as a whole.

Spoiler: it helped save up to 900 hours of the finance team's time in a year!

Start to plan and budget your workforce costs with iTrent Salary Modelling.

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