Payroll manager stressed with cloud of demand including phones, payslips, todo lists, time

Webinar: Exposing the problems with payroll

Thursday 25th March

Payroll needs to change - find out why in our latest webinar

Our new research exposes that payroll has fallen far behind other business areas in resilience and digital transformation, with manual and paper processes rife. It's hurting your organisation and your employees with too many errors that waste time, resources and costs. Now is the time to act.

Join our webinar as we discuss the findings, their impact, and what you can do to improve your payroll. 

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  • Where organisations are going wrong
  • Where the largest mistakes are happening
  • What payroll mistakes and bad practice could be costing you
  • What you can do to address these payroll failings

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Our recent research surveyed HR and payroll managers, as well as employees across all industries and organisation sizes to gain insight into the current state of payroll. And our findings present a worrying picture. 

Our payroll experts Stuart Price and Chris Harper will discuss what's gone wrong in payroll, and what organisations urgently need to set right in order to avoid wasting time, money and resources on inefficient processes that increase employee turnover. 

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