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Adapting your learning

Tuesday 17th August 11:00 - 12:00 BST

Hear how our customers adapted their learning to support changing employee needs

Over 50% of organisations feel that their current learning processes are not fit for a modern workforce. It's time to change that. Bristol City Council and Broadacres Housing Association have already taken action to transform their learning to MHR's Learning Management System via the MHR Academy. 

Hear their stories and find out why learning management systems are so beneficial for learning and HR teams to support their people. 

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  • Bristol City Council: Updating from a legacy learning system
  • Broadacres Housing Association: Implementing the right technology to boost learning programmes
  • Discussing the benefits of MHR's Learning Management System (LMS) powered by Docebo
  • An overview of the MHR Academy amid post-pandemic needs
  • Q&A

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With learning and development rated in the top three of an employee's role priorities, it's crucial you have the right processes to support your workers. 

New research reveals that 40% of employees are planning to resign from their current role due to a lack of appreciation, progression and not enough investment. 

Find out how Bristol City Council and Broadacres Housing Association transformed their learning processes to support the changing needs of their employees. 

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