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10.42 iTrent Customer Showcase

Tuesday 7th December 11:00 - 12:00 GMT

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10.42 is nearly here and following your feedback, we're introducing a brand new format to ensure you get the most from our webinars. 

We'll bring you the latest updates as normal. Then, we'll move into breakout rooms where you'll get the chance to discuss the new features, and help shape the demonstration. Simply pick your session to learn more about the areas you're most interested in!

There's plenty to learn about in 10.42 including phase 2 of our new and improved Onboarding, as well as our market-leading Salary Modelling tool and iTrent Document Manager. Join us on 7th December at 11:00 am.


  • iTrent Document Manager
  • iTrent Salary Modelling
  • An launch of the new iTrent Onboarding
  • Recruitment
  • Compliance and legislation

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In the latest Showcase, we'll be discussing the new enhancements in our mandatory November release, ensuring you're ready for the new tax year. We'll discuss:

  • Onboarding
  • iTrent Document Management
  • Introduction of iTrent Salary Modelling
  • Recruitment
  • Legislation updates

Join us on Tuesday 7th December at 11:00 am.


It is available at the end of November

No, the complexities of MCR means this cannot be achieved via Business Objects. We have created our own bespoke solution to address this pension return. 

When asked, feedback from customers was that a staggered rollout would be preferred, so MSS/Core redesigns will be released at a later stage. 

No. Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft and so we have also desupported. The support schedule on Service Cloud details the browsers we support. 

Yes. From release 10.42 these will be part of a standard install.  

The new ESS is a fully responsive system, built to scale to any device. 

Onboarding is a new portal and has a separate URL.

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