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iTrent People Analytics Platform

Tuesday 29th June 10:00 - 11:00 BST

Unleash the potential of your people data

The iTrent People Analytics Platform has landed. Our solution allows you to dive deeper into your HR data so you can use these insights to help inform strategic business decisions. It is often said that employees are the most valuable asset to a business, so why not use your people data to drive your business forward.

Don't miss our webinar to see how the iTrent People Analytics Platform works and a demonstration of our 3 pre-built applications that you can use to gain insights from your people data.

Join us on the 29th June at 10am!


  • Some background on the iTrent People Analytics Platform and how it works
  • The benefits you can get from the platform and how it can help inform strategic business decisions
  • A demonstration of the 3 different pre-built applications we've built; Absence, People and Payroll
  • A live Q&A to answer any questions you have on the new solution

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Open up your people data and start making it central to your decision making. From identifying the cost of sickness pay over the year to calculating absence rates and employee turnover rates, the iTrent People Analytics Platform allows you to open the door to these valuable insights and more.

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