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People In Law Conference

Tuesday 26th - Thursday 28th January

About the event 

The People in Law Conference returns for the fourth year running and we're running a round table discussion as part of the big event! 

People in Law is a network that aims to advance people management across the legal sector. The conference is a great opportunity to bring HR leaders together to hear and discuss timely issues affecting the legal sector. There will be a huge range of speakers, with interactive and networking sessions.

Taking place from the 26th January, the event will be hosted by the consummate professional Declan Curry. The event is the ONLY event that focuses on people management combined with real-world law firm insights. 

You’ll hear the latest insights from an array of top thinkers and practitioners from the sector (and outside of it too), including Futurist Katherine Templar Lewis, Equality campaigner Tiernan Brady and Racing Driver Charlie Martin, with each day following a different theme.

Why visit us?

The impact of recent times on work, the workforce and the workplace have meant firms have had to adapt significantly to new working practices and environments. But what do these changes mean for the future of work and how can firms embrace these new challenges and use them as opportunities for growth?

Join us for a round table discussion with our hosts, Katherine Templar Lewis, Futurist & Creative Scientist, and David Thompson, Manager of Consultancy Services at MHR.  

MHR Round Table: What is the future of work? Redefining work, workforces, and the workplace

What is the future of work? And how have recent events redefined work, workforces and the workplace for legal practices?



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About the venue

Due to the challenging times we are all currently facing, this event will be virtual using an online meeting platform, which allows you to have the same interactive sessions in the comfort of your home or office.

More information:

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