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People First Connect is the remote workforce management software you need to empower your teams.

It's designed to ensure that employees and managers can work effectively together, having the right conversations at the right time no matter where someone is located and regardless of the device they use.

It’s time to put your people first to get the results you need.


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Connect, communicate and collaborate

People First Connect is designed to put users first, providing an easy-to-use experience. With People First remote working management software, you can:

  • Easily manage employee data
  • Set and record employee goals
  • Digitally reimagine clock-ins
  • Keep your workforce up to date
  • Organise timely check-ins
  • Recognise employee success


Rethink your world of work

Managing a remote and geographically spread workforce will prove challenging for many HR teams.

With over 67% of workers expecting to continue working remotely after 2020, People First Connect is a must for organisations today.

Now’s the time to invest in your business' future with a platform that benefits and connects everyone.

The benefits of People First Connect

Upgrade to remote workforce management software that will keep your business resilient for the future, and benefit from:

The People First mobile app

24/7 expert support

Valuable reports and insights

Helpful calendar integration

API library and custom integrations

Always compliant with the latest legislation