People First Connect

People First Connect

The enterprise remote workforce management platform to manage and engage your people

Work efficiently from anywhere - People First Connect, remote workforce management software

With over 67% of workers expecting to continue working remotely, People First Connect is a must for organisations today. Managing a remote and geographically spread workforce is challenging, through this connectivity platform employees can clock in, communicate and collaborate easily from where ever they are. 

Our remote workforce management software enables employees to have the right conversations at the right time no matter where someone is located and regardless of the device they use.

Your people can collaborate through ‘ad-hoc groups’ or ‘company-wide’ communities by sharing information and secure documents. People First Connect allows you to make real connections, regardless of your colleague’s location.

People First Connect can help you with:

  • Bringing your teams together with effective, regular communication 
  • Engaging with your teams
  • Working collaboratively by managing and tracking project time effectively
  • Managing your workforce today and ensuring you are prepared for the future

Introducing People First Connect

Let's put your people first, People First Connect ensures no one feels separated from the organisation. It keeps everyone up to date with the latest company news and gives all employees a voice.

Manage employee data

People First Connect is designed around a worker and their relationship to an organisation. It visually displays team structures and reporting dynamically. 


Know where your team are located, where they're working, and what they're working on. All of this information is easily accessible in People First Connect remote workforce management software, so you can track, manage and keep your employees safe.


Maintaining regular touch points with teams has become a challenge with people working from multiple locations. People First Connect gives you an easy way to do this. While video check-ins give you that extra element of care and visibility that you miss when remote. 

Manage goals

Company and team goals can be seen across the organisation enabling easy team collaboration and clear alignment to your overall organisational priorities and objectives.

Recognise success

Keep your teams motivated. Employees can give and receive recognition and feedback publicly on People First. You can recognise someone against your company values or the pre-shipped values within the platform.

Stay connected

Stay connected and collaborate across your organisation whether in the field, at home or in an office. Access advice and guidance on engaging your remote workforce here

Learn how People First Connect can help you

Social recognitions

Company social network

The People First Connect social feed enables the company, or departments and teams to easily connect, collaborate and exchange information. Key company news is quickly and easily disseminated to the right audience ensuring everyone is kept up to date. Employees can add their own content to news feeds, groups and profiles and get instant feedback via likes and comments.

From an organisational perspective, news and announcements can be shared in one central and secure place, ensuring that all employees are kept in the loop.

People First Goals V1

Working together

It is becoming increasingly common that people are more motivated by purpose than financial reward.

The People First platform links your mission and values with goals at the organisational, team and individual level so people throughout the organisation can see how they link together. They can also see how their daily tasks play a role in the ongoing success of your business.

Person on People First Connect Remote Workforce Management check-ins on laptop with coffee

Employee check-ins

In a world of constant change, the annual appraisal is no longer cutting it.

That’s why we’ve introduced employee check-ins to People First. The platform facilitates and captures regular conversations between managers and employees to discuss progress, tackle issues as they arise, and remove any barriers preventing employees from doing their best work.

People First Hub desktop

Weekly digest

To keep everyone in the loop, all employees receive a weekly digest straight to their email inbox.

This is a highlight of the week’s top stories and can include your choice of posts from relevant company news, information about upcoming events, and popular posts. This offers a great way of re-emphasising important business information.


Yes. People First Connect is an employee engagement solution that can operate alongside existing HCM and payroll systems, including iTrent.

There are several ways People First Connect can facilitate remote or hybrid working:

  • Improve communication with a companywide newsfeed, allowing messages to travel up and down the organisation at a click of a button. 
  • Boost collaboration through check-ins.
  • Connect people and break down silos through profiles, social posts and communities. 
  • Project codes can be assigned when employees clock-in supporting organisation in understanding the key projects that are being worked on. This ensures the time people are spending on projects is managed and tracked effectively. 
  • Calendar integration enables the organisation to know when people are available. 

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