Payroll Software for Small Business

Outsourced payroll for small or international businesses.

Let our payroll experts become part of your team

We understand that delivering on your weekly or monthly payroll can be a real headache if you don’t have a dedicated team. 

The time sensitive nature of getting your payroll completed on time means any problems can cause a major issue for both your company and your valued employees. It's hard to justify the ongoing costs of keeping payroll in-house: investing in training, overcoming absence and maintaining infrastructure. 

Instead, let us help you navigate everything from HMRC registration to pensions enrollment for your employees.


We can help you with:

  • Finding a payroll solution for your small business that can grow with you
  • Support from an experienced team to manage legislation changes 
  • Delivering your payroll acurrately, on-time, every time

We can take the hassle out of payroll

We'll take the stress out of paying your people, saving you time and money to keep your resources focused on what matters most

Automating payroll tasks

By automating your payroll tasks, you will save not only time and money, you’ll reduce the risk of errors and fraudulent claims

Focus on your core

With us running your payroll, you stay focused on growing your organisation, supporting your people and expanding your core expertise

Business continuity

No need to worry about employee absence with a partner like us ensuring your payroll is always processed on time with no disruption

Trust the experts

Our CIPP qualified teams ensure your payroll is always processed in line with the latest legislation and regulations such as minimum wage

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Automate HR and payroll tasks

Outsource payroll in 24 hours

We can get you up and running in 24 hours. Managing payroll is one of the single biggest risks for organisations, with so much compliance to meet, and data to process. Don't struggle alone. Why not rely on the experts to take up this strain?

MHR provides a range of solutions to support your end-to-end payroll process, providing legally compliant services which meet specific performance standards with 99.99% payroll accuracy.

Ensure full compliance

Compliance and automation

Our market-leading payroll solutions provide time and cost efficiencies while reducing errors by reducing manual processes with a single database and automated workflows

We can help you maximise your organisations’ efficiency, reduce admin and remain compliant with the latest legislation. 

International business services

International payroll services

For businesses looking to expand into the UK or international companies who want an improved service from a UK payroll partner, we offer payroll processing and legislation expertise. We are experts in setting up and advising international organisations on UK payroll processes, ensuring that customers are fully compliant with UK legislation.

Our team will guide you on all issues around payroll, leaving you to focus on developing your business in the UK.