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Our UK and Ireland industry-leading automated service is backed by an in-house team of CIPP and iPASS professionals who will help to optimise your payroll processes and add real value to your organisation. 

  • Improve the accuracy of your payroll to 99.999%
  • Remove time-consuming data administration tasks
  • Manage risk and compliance in line with the latest legislation
  • Keep your payroll data secure and safe

Isn't it time you ran payroll your way?

Find the perfect Managed Payroll Service tailored to your organisation's specific requirements.

  • Payroll Processing Service - expertise to support your in-house team, whilst you retain control
  • Fully Managed Payroll - removes the hassle of running your payroll in-house
  • Transactional Payroll - support for smaller payroll runs
  • Emergency Payroll - short-term service to support when you're without internal resource