6 January 2021

MHR analytics is ready for 2021

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MHR Analytics is ready for 2021, and we’re here for our customers every step of the way (even if the narrative changes)
– Anton Roe, MHR CEO

“The only constant is change.” That famous quote, from Heraclitus (Ancient Greek Philosopher), is over 2,500 years old but it’s never been truer. We are just a few days into 2021, and recent events mean all our New Year plans need updating already. But we’re ready, and we know you are too (even though it might be frustrating!).

2020 presented us with many challenges, but it also taught us to pivot, to embrace change, to harness technology and challenge the conventions we’ve accepted for decades. In adversity we innovated, we pulled together and learnt that we can be more resilient, agile and flexible. In the year many want to forget, there are so many learnings we should embrace.

More than 100 new customers took advantage of our unique Pensions Data Service, stripping manual administration out of pensions processes and establishing 100% accuracy at a time it was needed most. Most of our customer implementations were completed entirely remotely by our expert Professional Services teams. Many of these were completed in record time; helping customers continue to operate efficiently in the rapidly evolving climate.

We created new solutions to take away the headache of accounting regulations and helping customers with reporting, close and consolidation, compliance, data visualisations, cloud migration and scenario modelling. In addition, we provide financial planning tools to ensure your business can plan a successful future. In doing this, we helped customers navigate the stormy seas brought about by the pandemic, Brexit and countless other external factors.

Solutions aside, we understand the daily pressures you and your teams are facing right now. Data analytics has never been more important to manage the relentless economic ups and downs. Our team of expert consultants are available to support you with any question you may have.

We can help

MHR Analytics works with remarkable customers who do incredible things every day, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Whatever 2021 throws at us, together we’ve got this.

We are continuing to do what is second nature at MHR Analytics – to listen, to innovate and to collaborate with you so that your organisation can succeed in the year ahead.

Despite all the challenges, we’re looking forward to 2021. If we learned anything from 2020, it’s that when the going gets tough MHR will be there for you no matter what.

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