5 November 2020

‘Customers rely on MHR whether remote, hybrid or in-office’

MHR open as usual

No sign of slowdown for MHR in lockdown 2.0, says CEO Anton Roe.

“Entering ‘lockdown 2.0’ will mean no change, and certainly no slowdown, for MHR customers or for the pace of our operations.

“Since the first lockdown, we have delivered more than 65 projects remotely, some of which transitioned to remote during the pandemic, and many more which were completed with no on-site consultancy at all.   

“Whether operating remotely, hybrid or in-office, MHR has proved that all models are ones in which we and our customers can work together successfully and thrive.   

“The popularity and demand for comprehensive automation of HR, payroll and learning systems is growing: If they didn’t before, organisations now recognise the benefits of error-and-delay-free systems that bring together a geographically disparate workforce.

“We know this because we hear it more and more, from the thousands of customers we serve across private, public and not-for-profit sectors, and from new customers coming to MHR improve their systems and prepare themselves and their employees for the future.  

“In lockdown, implementations have been completed in record time for many of our customers, with some requiring rapid delivery during the pandemic, when multi-dimensional workforces, changing legislation and external challenges created a more urgent need for employees to be paid quickly and efficiently.  

West Yorkshire Police who partnered with us in the first lockdown to implement an entire new system within four months and pay 10,500 critical key workers on time, saved time on monthly reporting and successfully streamlined their processes. Another large organisation, British Steel, completed their core implementation within five weeks at the start of this year.

“We have continued to develop our headquarter facilities and will soon announce the opening of a four-storey car park in our Ruddington headquarters, plus office expansions, to accommodate our growing teams.

“Over 100 new people have joined us during 2020, and we have vacancies open across all divisions, working on exciting new product and services for 2021.

“MHR Analytics, specialising in workforce, pensions and financial management, is more relevant now than ever, providing solutions that support organisations to plan for multiple scenarios and negotiate turbulent times.

“People First is the platform that allows teams to collaborate, communicate and perform across geographical boundaries, keeping motivation and innovation alive remotely.

“And iTrent, our flagship solution, is paying around one in ten of the UK workforce and is growing. 

“We are incredibly proud that despite the uncertainties around us, MHR has not furloughed a single MHR employee under the UK government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and continues to hire new talent.

“Our independence as a family-run business over 36 years means we are in a uniquely strong and fortunate position in which we can control our growth, our finances and our successes for ourselves and for our loyal and valued customer base.

“MHR continues to invest in new platforms and services, and in line with our continued overseas expansion, we have launched our new website,

“As part of our continued effort to support the market, we are excited about the forthcoming virtual MHR Summit which we are hosting from 23 to 25 November for HR and finance professionals to learn, collaborate and gear up for 2021.

“Customers trust and rely on MHR as a business partner that will help them grow, that will work with them to understand their bespoke needs and organisational goals, and to deliver, regardless of continued and unpredictable economic or market challenges.”

Anton Roe, CEO, MHR.

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