11 September 2018

Admiral group underwrites better data management with MHR Analytics

Data management

Admiral group underwrites better data management with MHR Analytics

Admiral Group, a leading financial services company within the UK with businesses in seven countries globally has partnered with business analytics provider MHR Analytics to transform its employee data management and workforce planning across multiple locations.

With an international workforce of around 10,000 employees and 7,000 in the UK, Admiral Group has offices around the globe. From locations in the UK to Canada and India, the company required powerful data management tools to organise its operations.

Admiral is using SAP Business Objects technology provided by MHR Analytics to gain insights into the performance of key business areas and identify areas for improvement. This process includes examining attrition and absence information, data about its core business areas and analysing the information to make informed decisions. A vital function of the new system is to ensure products and services are up-to-date and compliant with the latest regulations.  

The solution also allows Admiral’s HR business partners across geographical areas to work together closely with key divisions of the business, gaining access to performance and employee information in real time. The data allows managers to make quicker decisions, and has helped automate many manual tasks in areas such as IT, facilities and the company’s data warehouse.

Alex Deem, Systems Manager at Admiral Group comments: “We needed a solution that could bring together departments and ensure accurate decision-making across the whole business. Working with MHR Analytics, we are already transforming the way we work by giving managers access to real time workplace performance data, giving us useful insights that allow us to improve our business for the long term.”

Nick Felton, Senior Vice President of MHR Analytics comments: “For a long time, data has been the backbone of the insurance sector and we are proud to be working with an industry leader like Admiral that understands the vital role it can play when making important business decisions. Now, it’s even more vital for many reasons, not least the need for insurance companies’ compliance with new regulations like IFRS. Insurance products need to be updated continuously and it is only with the smart use of the data they own that insurers can remain competitive.”

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