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HR, Payroll and Finance Software for Local Government

Discover why we're the chosen payroll provider for 47% of UK local authorities, paying their people accurately and on time

Driving change, operational efficiencies and ROI

We pride ourselves on building, delivering, and developing our specialist local government software solutions in-house while providing services that free up time and deliver cost savings for multi-layered organisations.

Dedicated HR and payroll software is a great way for councils to gain easier access to data, develop innovative approaches and reduce costs. Create digital opportunities that build a single people strategy, improve business processes, and meet government objectives.

Our software and services will help you:

  • Reduce your administrative burden and streamline business processes
  • Maximise your investment, ensuring time and cost savings
  • Connect data and processes with a centralised finance, HR and payroll solution
  • Ensure compliance and security through our state-of-the-art IT infrastructure
  • Adapt to changing expectations and regulatory pressures
  • Improve employee well-being and engagement
  • Leverage data for highly accurate forecasts

Local government payroll and HR software and services

Improve end-to-end business processes, manage single or multi-faceted organisational structures, embrace change, and maximise investment with our comprehensive HR and payroll software and services that will:

Streamline business processes

Simplify processes with integrated HR and payroll software that automates activities and reduces time-consuming, manual admin. Seamless end-to-end software solutions provide efficiency gains to business challenges that keep local authorities ahead in a changing landscape.

Ensure compliance quickly

Rapidly adapt and comply with legislation, policies and HMRC requirements. Protect your employee information and manage data in line with GDPR using granular settings that give you control over visibility and accessibility.

Make payroll and pensions easy

Work with smart local government payroll software that makes your life easier. Guarantee payroll is delivered on time to high levels of accuracy. Further bolster with part or fully managed payroll services that ensure you remain in control while freeing up your time. With reporting and services to support LGPS pension schemes, you will eliminate time-consuming manual workarounds.

Build a single people strategy

Create a better employee experience with a single solution that facilitates connectivity and collaboration. Encourage self-learning, drive productivity, and power workforce engagement that transforms organisational cultures.

Secure community data

You can confidently rely on us to protect your data and help you combat cyber threats. With certified security built in, state of the art data centres and complementary tools that vigilantly monitor user behaviour, we will help you prevent cyberattacks.

Support innovation

Our extensive portfolio of local government software solutions utilises the latest technologies and leverages our experience in HR and payroll. Working closely with industry leaders, we support innovation, IT infrastructures, digital transformation and workforce management to help you better serve your community.

Looking to implement HR and payroll change in your local authority?

Local Government Pocket Guide

Local Government Pocket Guide

Our handy new guide helps explain why our services are trusted across many Local Government institutions. Get more insight into the pressures the industry faces and how MHR can resolve the pressures faced, with tailored, best of breed solutions. 

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Local government payroll and pensions

We’re a recognised HMRC payroll provider that can improve the accuracy of your payroll and save you up to £30,000 a year. Automate calculations, reduce admin and support a multi-role workforce with complex pension schemes on time, every time, each month.

  • Fully integrated HR and payroll solutions to centralise employee data
  • Interactive payslips with a detailed breakdown
  • Multi-dimensional payroll analysis to make complex reporting simple
  • Reporting and process support for LGPS and other pension schemes

People-centred HR software and services

Manage the entire employee lifecycle from one centralised solution and free up your HR team to spend time on more strategic initiatives. 

  • An interactive system that meets the needs of your employees and empowers self-service
  • Digital HR processes that automate internal communication and reminders saving you time
  • Training and learning platforms to encourage personal development
  • Real-time reporting for live costs, absence and engagement analysis


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Improved security with integrated finance solutions

Our solutions, with Microsoft 365, help Government organisations to eliminate risk by automating critical processes with easy-to-create workflows and audit trails that add security without adding complexities.​

Central Government

Working in central government?

As well as supporting local government customers, we have a wealth of experience working alongside customers working in central government departments, agencies, and public bodies. 

Discover how our HR, payroll, and finance capabilities can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of your central government body. 

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