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Local government

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Helping you deliver quality services

When delivering services to local communities, great employees are your most valuable asset. Keeping them engaged and motivated is increasingly challenging, particularly given the multi-layered structure of today’s workforce.

For councils under pressure to meet their objectives despite funding cuts, reducing employee numbers may seem like the only way to bring costs down.

That's not the case. The alternative is a HR and payroll system that enables you to maximise the contribution of your people for greater cost efficiencies, improved engagement and increased productivity.


We can help you with:

  • Reducing your administrative burden and streamlining processes to deliver improved service levels for your community
  • Reducing costs, improving accuracy and driving efficiencies with automated processes to eliminate error and minimise risk
  • Ensuring compliance and security through MHR’s state of the art infrastructure
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Working to thrive and survive

Whether you’re looking for new process efficiencies, managing individuals with multiple roles, or supporting employees to work remotely and on the move – our HR and payroll solutions will allow your organisation not just to survive but to thrive:

Reduce your admin

Our HR and payroll software streamlines your processes to help reduce time-consuming manual admin, reduce costs and improve your efficiency and impact on society

Accurate and reliable payroll

Reduce inaccuracies through human error using our automated solution, no matter how complex your pay structure. Support your disparate and diverse workforce with accurate pay every time

Improve recruitment and retention

Streamline recruitment and on-boarding processes to attract, develop and retain your people. Access a wide range of people for your vacancies while eliminating the need to endlessly re-enter applicant data

Increased security

Protect your data with certified security from our own multi-million-pound, state of the art data centres, backed up by compliance and expertise from our team of in-house experts

Accessible anytime, anywhere

User-friendly via web and mobile, our platform lets employees clock-in, log hours and more while they are out providing different services to the local community

Complete legislative compliance

iTrent’s comprehensive HR and payroll software is frequently updated in line with the latest legislation for total compliance and confidence

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Payroll your people can rely on

We understand that councils need to support a diverse, multi-role workforce, with complex pension schemes and other benefits you need to calculate for weekly and monthly pay cycles.

iTrent’s comprehensive payroll software, integrated with a suite of HR solutions in a single system, enables you to manage everything in one central place.

Automating every aspect of your payroll calculations reduces manual processing and human error to ensure that everyone is paid accurately and on time regardless of their roles and location.


Flexible HR to support the public sector

With iTrent, you choose the HR software solutions you need to support your workforce. Whether you need to improve your recruitment and retention in the midst of public sector pay freezes, provide access to employees on the move, or reduce the number of queries your HR team receive, iTrent's scalable modules can help you.

Our cloud-hosted HR and payroll platform features employee self-service, allowing your people to update their records, access payslips and request holidays when they're out and about. With development and training functionality, as well as HR digital assistants, avoid spending hours on time-consuming admin and find cost efficiencies to focus on what counts.


Payroll Pensions Support

Take the stress out of pensions

With inbuilt statutory calculations, iTrent can provide reporting to bodies such as Teachers’ Pensions, Local Government Pension Scheme and Scottish Public Pensions Agency.

We also provide a Pension Data Service, which looks after your data and manipulates it ready for submission. We can do all the hard work for you while you keep control of the submission, ensuring you never miss a deadline.

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Case study: Elmbridge Borough Council

Serving around 135,000 residents and businesses across Surrey, Elmbridge Borough Council has over 450 employees and delivers a full range of local government services including housing, environmental services, parks and recreation.

Learn how they saved costs and enhanced their employee experience with MHR.