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Newport City Homes

Newport City Homes needed a single platform which allowed them to have automated HR and payroll processes; allowing their employees to take ownership over personal tasks.


Newport City Homes found that their current systems were ineffective for their business needs and desired a single platform to reduce costs and automate their HR and payroll processes. 

Their time-consuming manual processes took time and money, restricting the goals the company wanted to achieve with their employees. Newport City Homes also wished for a flexible system which gave employees ownership of their personal tasks. 

They desired a learning and development platform to engage employee further, but with their current three systems it was too costly. 



iTrent enabled the organisation to have a single platform, automating their HR and payroll processes. They can now produce accurate and reliable data, allowing them to respond to trends.  

Having a single system cut costs by a significant amount, making room for iTrents learning and development software, which improved their employee growth. The flexibility of iTrent gave employees ownership of personal tasks.  

Benefits Newport City Homes saw:

  • Reduction in admin and cost
  • Flexible solution
  • Time saving
  • Positive implementation process
  • Empowering employees to manage their own data