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We asked a number of experts to share their insights from their specific areas of expertise and give their predictions for the world of work in 2022 and beyond.

Specialists from a range of organisations and disciplines discuss the reprioritisation needed as we move into 2022 and explain how business leaders will need to concentrate on digitalisation, as well as shift their focus inwards to address their company culture to support new ways of working.

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What will the world of work look like in 2022?

During 2020-2021 businesses were faced with a raft of new challenges, including mass remote working, furlough, redundancies, and returning to the office. These brought additional tests for business such as how to keep both their employees and their business data safe. As we look to the new year what role will technology, culture, leadership, diversity, and HR play in adapting to this new world of work?

Twenty experts share their views and insights on a range of topics, to help arm your business for the changes in store and keep you ahead of the curve.


Answer important questions

  • Re-skilling: what skills are going to be essential in 2022?
  • How will technology acceleration change business ecosystems?
  • How does hybrid working impact company culture, leadership, and employee engagement
  • What impact will 'the great resignation' have, and what can employer's do? 
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What do you get in this free report?

This report gives you exclusive access to expert predictions and the latest thinking covering the following topics:

  • Wellbeing
  • Hybrid working
  • The great resignation
  • HR
  • Learning
  • Technology, data and security
  • Finance
  • Diversity, culture and place

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