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iTrent Learning Suite

Workforce learning transformed: manage, create, optimise.

All in one place

To be of value, training programmes must be role-specific, accessible, timely, and tailored for individual capabilities. Are employees actually learning? Can our programmes be improved?

To meet these challenges, we have developed the iTrent Learning Suite. It provides a complete solution to create, manage and organise learning activities and materials.

At a glance

Consists of two modules (available individually):

  • iTrent Learning Management System (LMS) - Manage, deliver and build upon your organisation’s learning programmes more effectively. Link to iTrent Learning and Development to automatically update your employee records.
  • iTrent Authoring and eLearning Tool - Quickly and easily create engaging content then upload to your LMS in minutes to sit alongside existing materials.
iTrent Learning Suite

Why you need an LMS

The right learning strategy has never been more important. In order to retain employees, you need to provide them with a clear development path. Here’s why:

Matching new ways of working

With remote or home-based workforces, organisations need the ability to migrate site-based training to an online environment. New types of learning demand easier management - along with a pain-free way to update your existing content.

Eliminating single points of failure

Workforce absences can highlight single points of failure; where only one person holds critical knowledge on particular topics and processes. To eliminate this, knowledge must be shared in an easily accessible way.

Making new systems work for you

When a new system fails, often it’s not because of the technology but because of the inability of end-users to adapt to it. To ensure swift successful implementation, role-specific training can make all the difference.

The need for agility

The pressure is on to be flexible and to do more with less. Organisations can be held back by narrow job role descriptions combined with an inability to quickly reskill employees. Learning management is key to successful change management. 

Watch our webinars to learn more about what’s in the iTrent Learning Suite

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What can you achieve with the iTrent LMS?

The iTrent Learning Management System allows you to simply manage, deliver, and measure the effectiveness of all your learning programmes while automating tiresome admin tasks. It's simple to create unique learning experiences and personalised programmes and you can migrate and manage all your existing content. The inbuilt LMS eLearning library means that you can purchase and add thousands of courses.

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What is the iTrent Authoring and eLearning Tool?

You have the power to easily build your own learning, compliance, enablement and user-adoption materials specific to your needs. A hassle free platform through which you can produce high-quality engaging eLearning resources in a fraction of the time. Give your employees access to the exact learning information they need in a timely manner.

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Full integration with iTrent Learning

You can combine iTrent LMS with iTrent Learning for maximum benefits, including easier tracking of employee progress, smoother HR admin and the best possible user experience. With iTrent integration, materials on the iTrent LMS can be accessed through employee self service.