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HR, payroll and finance software for independent schools

We provide payroll services to over 200,000 education sector employees.

Leading HR, payroll and finance software solutions for independent schools

Find out why hundreds of educational institutions use our integrated HR, payroll and finance software. Admin processes and time is reduced to free-up key people to focus on projects. Recruit talent, manage pensions, improve security, ensure compliance and support wellbeing with our flexible, configurable online HR, finance and payroll platform.

Our software and services will help you:

  • Attract, manage and retain talent
  • Manage pension returns
  • Manage multiple employments and term time-only contracts
  • Guarantee legislative compliance
  • Reduce admin time, save costs
  • Adapt to changing needs and regulatory expectations
  • Secure your data through a cloud first approach

Independent schools education software and services

Considering time pressures and workplace demands, having a reliable, configurable HR and payroll solution that simplifies processes will reduce workloads.

Inspire learning

Drive workplace learning and professional development initiatives with our LMS. Ensure everyone is up to speed with the regulations and that your school is fully compliant.

Recruit the best people

Recruit the best teachers, managers and support staff to build a top-drawer team. Deliver a tailored onboarding process and provide comprehensive training and support and from the day one.

Simplify pay structures

Confidently manage the varying pay requirements of teaching and non-teaching employees. Term time or multiple contracts and different pension schemes are easily managed within our schools’ payroll software.

Improve management processes

Streamline HR and payroll processes while staying connected through centralised employee data. Teams will get ready access to payslips, absence, appraisals and training.

Access live reporting

Real-time reports for payroll, absence and engagement analysis makes it easy to provide accurate, up-to-date information to regulatory bodies and stakeholders.

Support your employees

Support your people through the whole employment lifecycle with leading HR software that provides the tools to check in with them. Ensure they feel supported working in often pressured environments.


Our software integrates seamlessly with other systems – including iSams

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Education Pocket guide

Our handy new guide helps explain why our services are trusted across many Independent schools. Get more insight into the pressures the education industry faces and how MHR can resolve these, with tailored, best-of-breed solutions. 

Automate HR and payroll tasks

HR software for independent schools

Our HR solution centralises employee data and streamlines routine tasks to support your people.

Focus on the key things, avoid spending time on laborious admin and reduce unnecessary costs. Multiple employments and term time only working contracts are managed simply.

Our HRIS software features employee self-service – allowing employees to update their own records, access payslips, request holiday or clock in and out when working across different sites.

Teacher's Pension

Stress-free industry-specific pension management

With inbuilt statutory calculations, iTrent provides required reporting to bodies such as Teachers’ Pensions, Nest, Aviva and many more.

A Pension Data Service, which looks after your data and prepares it for submitting is also provided. We do the hard work while you retain control of the submission – ensuring deadlines are met.

MHR partner with iSAMS

iSAMS integration

Our partnership with iSAMS Management Information System (MIS) delivers an integration that saves HR teams’ time with automated data exchange across the iTrent and iSAMS systems.

People information is only created once and any updates to existing information are captured within both systems, reducing admin.

This significantly removes the need for data duplication and improves accuracy and expenses, ensuring data transparency.